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FW: [CALBIRDS] Snowy Owl Boat Trips

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  • Paul Keller
    Thanks Chris for your informative post. I d just like to add that the figure of $8 that I gave for the cost of the boat trip in my last post was based on a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jan 4, 2007
      Thanks Chris for your informative post. I'd just like to add that the figure
      of $8 that I gave for the cost of the boat trip in my last post was based on
      a preliminary and erroneous notion as to the location of the Snowy Owl. The
      true location is much farther away resulting in a 5-6 hour trip and so the
      cost, even if the boat is full, will be considerably more, just how much
      more I cannot say. Also, owl or no owl, the trip was birdy, with one
      Barrow's Goldeneye sighting amongst large flocks of waterfowl everywhere
      including scores of Tundra Swans. However, county listers should make sure
      there target waterfowl actually moves as decoys were plentiful. If the boat
      is not crowded, you can use your scope (low power) and tripod.
      Lastly, let me say that everyone on today's successful boat trip has nothing
      but praise and thanks for John Sterling.
      Paul Keller, SBA Vandenberg Village

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      Subject: [CALBIRDS] Snowy Owl Boat Trips

      Hello, I just spoke to Captain Dan and he asked me to post that he
      intends to take an excursion out tomorrow leaving at 10:00 and Saturday
      and Sunday at noon. He was so excited at what he saw that I think we
      have a new birder among us. The trip is 20 miles each way and takes
      about 6 and a half hours. He's trying to make it affordable for people
      so we can all take advantage of having this wonderful bird in our own
      backyard. He's reduced his usual charter prices but because there were
      only 8 birders this morning he had to cover over 150.00 out of his own
      pocket. If you plan to go, honor his generousity and pay what he asks
      and if the boat isn't full and you get to see the owl then consider
      throwing in a few extra dollars to help defer his costs. He seems like
      a really good guy so make your reservations for any of the 3 trips that
      he's planning to make over the next few days by calling him at 916-289-
      8375 and make sure you don't miss your opportunity to see this bird.
      Apparently someone from the trip will be posting some pictures later so
      keep checking for updates.

      Happy birding,
      Chris Kruger
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