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RE: [SBB] CBRC and rare local gulls.

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Birders Sounds like the word is getting out on Slaty Backs. Todd Easterla reported one form Humboldt on the CBC count, Sunday 31st Dec. Out on the south
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2007

      Sounds like the word is getting out on Slaty Backs. Todd Easterla reported
      one form Humboldt on the CBC count, Sunday 31st Dec. Out on the south
      Jetty. Big waves and dangerous. The sector coordinator could not get out
      there, but Todd (as an independent) did with John Hunter and Tanner. As
      they raced back to get photo's a bizarre series of events such as digi cams
      not working and telephotos on timers. Not to mention the slippery steps all
      the way out there they failed on photo documentation. In Spring this is a
      dangerous spot. Anyway the bird flew towards King Salmon after they
      couldn't get photos so it will be in the King Salmon area and thus in the
      Centerville CBC (pending written descriptions). I heard that John Hunter was
      on the bird the whole time so good views where had by all three as the pink
      foots love to loaf on the giant wave breakers (dollos) that make up the end
      of the South Jetty. Good views, great light and county birds all around.

      It was a 3rd cycle bird with black in the bill. I'm sure we'll have more
      reports on this down the road. Lets hope we haven't used up all our
      Humboldt "re-find ju-ju," but we are out in force today. Glorious weather!
      I even had Bluebirds in my yard for a New Year treat.

      Also of note on the way out, there are up to three Burrowing Owls and Rock
      Sandpiper is also reported from the south spit/jetty.

      Yours Rob

      p.s. Dollos are giant concrete jumping jacks that are stacked in an
      irregular manner to break up the force of any wave action, particularly at
      the jetty tips. However, this is also a great viewing platform once you
      make it to the raised and fortified end of either jetty.

      Robert W. Hewitt

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      For those of you who have been following the Slaty-backed Gull situation
      from last year, the CBRC (California Bird Records Committee) accepted all
      reported birds, 13 in all! This includes the Alviso bird, which is therefore
      the first accepted county record for that one, and the Alameda bird, again a
      new county record. The rest of the Slaty-backs were all from Half Moon Bay,
      at the now infamous Venice Beach. The Iceland Gull from Milpitas two winters
      back was accepted as well. I thought folks on these lists might be
      interested in these results. We shall see if this year is another good one
      for Slaty-backed in the region.

      By the way, the Dusky Canada Goose at the mouth of Frenchman's Creek (Venice
      Beach, Half Moon Bay) is still there. It now seems to like swimming up the
      creek, so it is not as obvious as it was earlier in December.

      Good birding


      Alvaro Jaramillo


      Half Moon Bay, California

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