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RE: [CALBIRDS] FW: Snowy Owl sighting

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  • John Sterling
    I second Al s thanks to Kumaran, but I also want to thank Mark Brown and the Macon s for also helping to alert birders. I tried to contact the observer via
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2006
      I second Al's thanks to Kumaran, but I also want to thank Mark Brown and the
      Macon's for also helping to alert birders. I tried to contact the observer
      via his website, but his contact page link was broken, so am grateful to
      Kumaran for contacting him directly. Grizzly Bay is bordered by Grizzly
      Island in Solano County (Suisun Bay region in the delta). I suspect that
      one could walk on the levees to find the bird, but am not sure of the
      access-perhaps the Grizzly Island Dept of Fish and Game refuge staff could

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      See the other forward with photo!

      Seems to be the real deal. Thanks to Kumaran for getting the ball rolling
      researching this bird.


      Alvaro Jaramillo
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      Subject: Snowy Owl sighting

      Hi guys,

      I'm not on Calbirds and this sighting seems to be credible (SNOW from a boat
      on the north side of Grizzly Bay in upper SF Bay). See the response from
      the observer below. Could you post for me and spread the word? He saw the
      bird a day or two ago (I'm waiting to hear back from him) and has posted two
      photos here


      You need to register (free) and look under "General Discussion Group" and
      under "whowouldathunk" thread to see the very good photos.



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      >Subject: Re: Snowy Owl sighting
      >Yes it's True. I was very suprised. There are no roads. It was on the
      North side of griggly bay. I was on my boat in the bay. The Owl was seeking
      refuge in a shack that I helped build many years ago. We use it for
      fishing. There are many duck hunters in the area.
      > Chuck
      >Kumaran Arul <kumaranarul@ <mailto:kumaranarul%40earthlink.net>
      earthlink.net> wrote: Hello,
      >Is this true? That's just an amazing sighting! Can you give me any more
      details as to where exactly you saw this bird. Any nearby roads?
      >I'm a birder and want to take a look.

      original post to coastsidefishingclub.com from CHARLES A STRICKLAND
      <charlesastrickland@ <mailto:charlesastrickland%40yahoo.com> yahoo.com>:

      [Who would have thought] that you would see a Snowy Owl while out fishing in
      california delta. We saw the Owl in Grizzley Bay. I managed to get a quick
      photo before it flew off. [two photos here]


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