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I just learned that The Searcher will sail this April

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  • Terry Hunefeld
    I just got great news. Several of us persistent lovers of the opportunity to see PHENOMENAL birds have cajoled, coaxed, and badgered Art Taylor and Celia
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 1, 2006
      I just got great news. Several of us persistent lovers of the
      opportunity to see PHENOMENAL birds have cajoled, coaxed, and
      badgered Art Taylor and Celia Condit of The Searcher to do a spring
      pelagic out of San Diego again this April -- for under $200 a day --
      including a warm bed, all meals and a bottomless refrigerator of
      cold BEER.

      Please help us spread the word...

      The Searcher got on some fantastic birds in 2006, and there is no
      telling what will show up in 2007. The Dark-rumped Petrel was a
      spine tingler. You should have heard Todd McGrath yelling, "DARK-
      RUMPED PETREL! DARK-RUMPED PETREL!" as the bird approached the
      boat. I get goose bumps just writing these words as I recall the
      electricity of that moment.

      Cory's Shearwater has been seen just 11 miles south of the Mexican
      border on the Coronados Islands the past two winters. . . so close…
      to say nothing of the Murphy's Petrels out there just waiting for
      us. And a Cook's Petrel was seen on the April trip in 2004, so who
      knows what's out there waiting for us?

      This link takes you to previous trip sightings:

      Art was planning on doing maintenance on The Searcher in mid-April,
      but we got him to agree that if we could get 25 people to reserve by
      January 31 that we would have a "go."

      The trip is $950, departing on April 14, returning on April 18.
      Because of the short notice, and because we want to fill this boat,
      we asked Art and Celia to offer (for this trip only) an early-bird
      discount of $100 AND a "frequent-flyer discount" of another $100 for
      past Searcher Pelagic customers, a $200 discount. I think THAT
      should fill the boat fairly quickly <grin>. That's less than $200 a
      day for room, board, meals, beer and mega-rarities. Whoo-hoo! The
      email from Celia below explains all the details.

      What I love about The Searcher is the complete disconnect from the
      hustle and bustle of the world. No cell phones. No computers. No
      traffic. No meetings. Nothing but birds, birding and people who
      love birds and birding (read: heaven on earth).

      I want to thank Art and Celia for their support of the pelagic
      birding community, and for the great leaders on those trips that
      don't let the truly great birds get by. Todd McGrath spotted that
      Dark-rumped Petrel when it was but a speck on the horizon and
      instructed the captain to STOP THE BOAT because, as he said, "it
      doesn't look quite right… what IS that?.. probably just a Pink-
      footed, but… stop the boat!.. it doesn't look quite right…" and sure
      enough… we had another mega-rarity.

      See you in April,
      Life is short. Bird often.

      Terry Hunefeld, San Diego

      * * * * * * * * * * * *

      Here is the email that I received from Celia this morning:

      * * * * * * * * * * * *


      Whew! Another season comes to a close, and The Searcher is finally
      in for winter maintenance.

      And what a great 2006 we had! Dark-rumped Petrel, Laysan Albatross,
      Black-footed Albatross, Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel, Least Storm-
      Petrel, Leach's Storm Petrel, Ashy Storm-Petrel, Red-billed
      Tropicbird, Sabine's Gull, Arctic Tern, Xantus's Murrelet, South-
      Polar Skua, and of course, all the jaegers.

      This coming spring Art was planning to spend an extra week in
      maintenance mode, and not planning an April pelagic trip, but over
      the past 30 days I've received several requests with folks pleading
      to have an April trip. So Art agreed to alter the winter
      maintenance schedule if there is sufficient interest.

      Art says he can have The Searcher ready for a pelagic trip by mid
      April, so the trip would depart at noon, Saturday April 14 and
      return Wednesday morning April 18.

      We've decided to try new pricing – for this trip only – to help you
      make a decision early, because we need to know by January 31 if this
      trip is a "go" or "no go." So here's what we came up with:

      $950 includes a shared berth, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soft
      drinks & cold beer. For the first time ever, we're testing an
      $850 "early bird signup" if you register prior to Jan 31. AND, for
      this trip only, returning Searcher Pelagic Trip passengers are
      entitled to an additional $100 discount.

      Let me know if I can reserve a spot for you!

      Good birding,

      Celia 619-226-2403

      P.S. We timed this trip so you can fly in on Friday or Saturday and
      get the best "Saturday night stay" rates from the airlines. You
      should be able to get very reasonable rates from the airlines with
      an advance ticket purchase in February once the trip is a go.

      P.P.S. And remember, if you have been on a pelagic trip on The
      Searcher before, you can join us on this one for a $100 discount.
      Combine that with your $100 early bird discount and you save $200.
      That means that you can come and hunt Cook's and Murphy's Petrels
      and boobies and shearwater with us for only $750. What a week we'll

      P.P.P.S. The early bird and repeat customer discounts apply ONLY to
      the April trip, not the September trip.

      Check here for details and previous trip sightings:

      celia condit
      2838 garrison street, san diego, california 92106 USA
      phone 619-226-2403
      fax 619-226-1332
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