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Falcated duck again near California

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  • Jim Greaves
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 17, 2006
      >Date: Thu, 16 Nov 2006 19:25:03 -0500
      >From: Janet S Duerr <duerr@...>
      >Subject: Falcated Duck in Oregon
      >Chatters who are interested in chasing (or at least dreaming of chasing)
      >rarities may be interested in the following information, gleaned from the
      >Oregon Birding List (and repeated with permission of the authors):
      >Jeff Harding reported on Tuesday, Nov 14 that the FALCATED DUCK has
      >returned to the RV Park in Coburg, Oregon for the fourth year. As Jeff
      >reported: "It was in the first pond with a small but diverse collection of
      >other waterfowl..."
      >Alan Contreras gave directions to the bird (just outside of Eugene,
      >Oregon): [Go north from] Eugene on I-5 maybe 4 miles until you cross the
      >Mckenzie River. The Coburg exit is the first one north of the river, take
      >the exit and turn right and into the big RV park. Stop at the little
      >store/office and ask for permission to go to the ponds and look at the
      >duck. If it is not there, the situation is way more complex. Last year it
      >used a small pond along Hwy 99 just north of the Belt Line Highway (on all
      >maps) on the west side of the road, but it was hard to see
      >there. Stay in
      >touch with valley birders. I don't keep track of this bird, but others
      >Lars Norgren from Manning added the following: "I was perhaps the last
      >person to see this fabulous bird last spring, circa March 23. It was then
      >at the Poison Ponds. They are ancient borrow pits contaminated with PCBs or
      >the like. You know you are at the right place when you see signs "Entrance
      >Prohibited by Law " or the like. They are immediately north of Clear Lake
      >Road, which in turn is just north of the Beltline. West side of Hwy 99. I
      >don't know if it's apt to go there now, in early autumn. I saw it about
      >100m out in a field with several hundred Baldpates on the north side of
      >Clear Lake Rd. There is no parking or shoulder there, but there is plenty
      >of room to park on the shoulder of 99."
      >Note that the Oregon Rare Birds Committee did accept records for the duck
      >for Feb-Mar 2004, Jan-Apr 2005, and Mar 2006.
      >Happy chasing,
      >Janet Duerr
      >Currently dreaming of ducks in Athens, Ohio
      >duerr at ohio dot edu
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