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hybirding SUV's

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  • SiriusGuy@aol.com
    Les Chibana allows that:
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2006
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      Les Chibana allows that:

      <<we are beginning to enjoy the benefits of "stealth mode" (electric only)
      while birding in our Toyota Prius. Waaaay better gas mileage and almost no

      and after birding locally with Frank Gibson in his Prius, I'd agree. Nothing
      like sneaking silently past a roadside row of Burrowing Owls, ten feet away!
      But, really ideal might be the Toyota Highlander Hybrid SUV or its Lexux
      RX400H cousin, with similar drive systems, but higher off the ground, and more
      space, especially in the rear for scopes and stuff, to handle a party of four.
      That would be the ideal hybrid hybirding vehicle!

      Alan Birnbaum
      Fresno, CA

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