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FYI - Kern Valley Turkey Vulture Festival

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  • Alison
    12th Annual Kern Valley Vulture Festival Audubon California - Kern River Preserve 18747 Hwy 178 Weldon, CA The Friend s of the Kern River Preserve
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      12th Annual Kern Valley Vulture Festival Audubon California - Kern
      River Preserve 18747 Hwy 178 Weldon, CA "The Friend's of the
      Kern River Preserve" mission is to protect one of California's
      finest riparian forests for the benefit of the wildlife and people that
      are a part of this wonderful place. We invite you to join us for
      another fine festival.
      Friday, September 29th - 5 p.m - 7 p.m. Vulture drop in at the Kern
      River Preserve

      Saturday, September 30th - 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. Festival at the Kern River

      Sunday October 1st Field Trips only - various leaders and locations
      around the Kern River Valley and Southern Sierra

      With silver-lined wings catching each rising pocket of warm air, Turkey
      Vultures have begun their annual flight of passage through the
      beautiful blue skies of the Kern River Valley.

      Autumn is the time to celebrate the magnificence of vultures and to
      appreciate the palate of color that fall brings to our area. So many
      vultures and so many people will help herald this special event.

      Join us for our 12th Annual Turkey Vulture Festival. A variety of
      activities are planned to help you enjoy your visit to the Kern Valley.
      The Friends of the Kern River Preserve will be on hand to help
      interpret the region and Charlotte Goodson will delight the children
      with stories and crafts. Windwolves Preserve, FACT, Hwy 178 Corridor
      Celebration, Friends of the Hatchery, Herp-Ecology, US Postal Service
      special Turkey Vulture Cancellation Station, The Lepidopterists'
      Society, Sierra Forest Keeper, Sequoia National Forest, along with
      other still confirming booths will provide exciting information about
      the Kern River Valley and nearby conservation efforts.

      Listen to the sounds of music from the talented groups. "Out of the
      Blue" and "Carrion Luggage". These roving troubadours will delight and
      engage guests in song beginning at noon.

      Learn about native plant gardening, feeding birds, how to use
      binoculars, Turkey Vultures and so much more relating to nature's
      Autumn splendor.

      After the booths have closed up, stay for a picnic at the preserve and
      observe the vultures drop into the forest for their overnight rest
      before continuing their long journey to points south of the Rio Grande.

      Sunday is devoted to field trips around the Kern Valley.

      Festival Headquarters at Audubon-California's Kern River Preserve
      (Signed entrance on the north side of Hwy. 178 1.1 mile east of Sierra
      Way, 31 miles west of Hwy. 14, 57 miles east of Hwy. 99 in
      Bakersfield), Weldon, Kern County, California.

      Please check the Vulture Festival web page for the complete schedule.

      Note: Net profits from field trip fees support the Kern Valley
      Festivals and the Kern River Preserve.

      Alison Sheehey - volunteer outreach coordinator
      P.O. Box 833
      Weldon, CA 93283

      http://kern.audubon.org <http://kern.audubon.org/> - "Protecting the
      South Fork Kern River riparian forest and the wildlife that calls it
      http://natureali.org <http://natureali.org/> - "Sharing the magic of
      central California's biodiversity with the world."

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