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Monterey Bay Birding Festival Sept. 22-23-24, 2006

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  • watsonvilleflyin
    Enjoy Wonders of Birding at Monterey Bay Birding Festival Come join us for the 2006 Monterey Bay Birding Festival, Sept. 22-23-24. Whether you re a beginner or
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 11, 2006
      Enjoy Wonders of Birding at Monterey Bay Birding Festival

      Come join us for the 2006 Monterey Bay Birding Festival, Sept. 22-23-24.
      Whether you're a beginner or an experienced birder, a local resident
      or visiting from afar, you'll discover new places and new birds, and
      have the opportunity to revisit favorite spots here, along the
      spectacular Central Coast of California.

      The Birding Festival has something to offer everyone. Individual trip
      leaders are skilled and knowledgeable in finding birds and helping you
      see them and learn more about them. In fact, we think so highly of our
      leaders we consider them the second most important reason you should
      join us in our outings.

      The first reason, of course, is the birds themselves. The Pajaro Valley
      and the Monterey Bay region are home to an incredible diversity of
      habitats and bird species. Over 600 species of birds have been found in
      California, and the vast majority of these species can be seen in our

      Fall is perhaps the best time in the Monterey Bay area to enjoy this
      diversity. Shorebirds are still arriving. Some will stay here for the
      winter. Some are passing through from their Alaskan nesting grounds en
      route to Mexico or South America. Offshore, seabirds are converging.
      Land birds, too, are at the peak of their southward migration. This
      annual movement of birds supplements our resident population and creates
      the wonderful diversity of avifauna in our own backyard.

      To introduce you to this incredible natural world, we have assembled
      leaders and speakers of unmatched skill, experience, and passion for
      birds. Among them are experts such as Alvaro Jaramillo, author of The
      Field Guide to Birds of Chile, among several other publications, and a
      leader of not only local trips but of outings all over the world. Debi
      Shearwater brings over 30 years experience leading internationally
      renowned trips on the waters of Monterey Bay itself. No one in the world
      can match her knowledge of our local seabirds. Todd Newberry, author of
      The Ardent Birder, will share his insightful observations and experience
      by leading several field trips. Scott Terrill, primary author of The
      Audubon Master Guide to birding, will be leading a local trip to the
      sloughs of Watsonville.

      Our leaders include several authors of birding books, nine compilers of
      Audubon Christmas Bird Counts, at least eleven leaders of tours
      conducted by National Tour Companies, former and current presidents of
      bird clubs and Audubon chapters, authors of dozens of scientific
      articles on birds, and leaders of literally thousands of bird outings
      and lectures.

      But most of all, our leaders are known for their skill in sharing their
      knowledge, and in sharing the joy and beauty of the natural world. Come
      join them, and share their knowledge and enjoy the wonder of birding
      during our Monterey Bay Birding Festival.

      For advance registration, go to www.montereybaybirding.org
      <http://www.montereybaybirding.org> or for information call 831

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