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  • Debi Shearwater
    Hi, Birders, I ran out for a couple of hours birding today, mid-day. Wasn t the greatest. Best find was an adult LEWIS WOODPECKER near San Juan Bautista.
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 4, 2006
      Hi, Birders,

      I ran out for a couple of hours' birding today, mid-day. Wasn't the
      greatest. Best find was an adult LEWIS' WOODPECKER near San Juan
      Bautista. This is close enough so that people who are going on pelagic
      trips from Monterey, might want to check it out. This is the most
      northerly record of Lewis' that I have seen in San Benito County.
      (Previously, Peter Pyle and I found one immature at St. Francis

      The Lewis' Woodpecker was on a telephone pole on San Juan Canyon Road,
      .6 miles from the intersection of San Juan Canyon Road and Mission
      Vineyard Road in San Juan Bautista. San Juan Canyon Road is the road
      that goes up to Fremont Peak State Park. So, if you follow the signs to
      the park, you will get to this intersection. The woodpecker flew from
      the telephone pole to the eucalyptus tree. There is a red marker with a
      number 620 on it near the eucalyptus tree, and black & green mailboxes
      at this spot. Bales of hay are stacked on the left. A large pullout on
      the right.

      At the top of San Juan Canyon Road, in Fremont Peak State Park, there
      were a few migrants in the campground: Pacific Slope Flycatcher, and
      Brown Creeper were the best birds. A Sharp-shinned Hawk dive bombed my
      head while I was phishing. I did not see any warblers.

      There was a Prairie Falcon at the Hollister Sewer Ponds. (The ponds
      were closed. I saw it sitting in a tree near the ponds).


      Debra Love Shearwater
      Shearwater Journeys
      PO Box 190
      Hollister, CA 95024 USA

      "Real birds eat squid."�Tony Marr

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