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Re: [SDBIRDS] San Diego American Oystercatcher 30 August 2006

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  • John Martin
    I was at the Cabrillo tidepools before work on 30 August from about 06:45 to 07:30, when I gave up and turned to leave. As soon as I turned around, there were
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2006
      I was at the Cabrillo tidepools before work on 30 August from about 06:45 to 07:30, when I gave up and turned to leave. As soon as I turned around, there were three oystercatchers, one of them an American, about 40 m south of the bottom of the trail that leads down from the second parking lot. I called to the other guy down there, watched for another 5 seconds or so, and the bird hopped down behind the rock and out of view. I had stretched my time to the limit that morning, and had to leave immediately for a meeting. I would not have seen the bird if I had not gone down the trail, as the place where I saw it was invisible from the parking lot, and from the observation point about halfway down the hill.

      John Martin
      Ocean Beach

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      From: Mike Feighner
      To: CALBIRDS ; San Diego County Birders
      Sent: Thursday, August 31, 2006 5:39 AM
      Subject: [SDBIRDS] San Diego American Oystercatcher 30 August 2006

      I have received several reports of the American Oystercatcher for Wednesday,
      30 August 2006, that should be shared with the group and not just with me.

      From Peter Ginsburg:

      When I arrived in quite foggy conditions today (about 0730) there was a
      report of an earlier fly-by. I was there until 1130 and did not see the

      From Jan Nordenberg:

      I was at the tide pools this morning from about 7:30 to 9:00. In spite of
      heavy fog, several people (a couple from Orange County and a National Park
      Services employee) saw the American Oystercatcher just before I and two
      friends arrived. Fortunately I saw the AMOY on Monday morning along with a
      dozen others. Today we walked down the path left (south) of the second
      parking area and positioned ourselves on the same spot from which I saw it
      Monday. I heard the bird calling and saw it fly out over the water and then
      back toward the cliffs slightly farther north. Unfortunately as I turned
      around I slipped on wet plants, fell and lost site of the bird. My friends
      did not see it fly or land. The three of us and a couple of other local
      birders did not re-find it although we did not see it fly from the area. It
      seems to be appearing every day so you have a good chance. If I hear or
      anything further through my friends, I'll let you know. Others may post what
      they see.

      From Joe Worley:

      It was very foggy till noon- It was seen, but most birders missed it,
      because they couldn't walk south along the path and look for it up close
      against the cliffs because of the fog.

      From John Top:

      I was down there trying to get a closer look than yesterday. The coast was
      fogged in all morning .
      I was there late morning (about 10:30) - no visibility.

      Tide Schedule from http://www.saltwatertides.com/pickpred.html

      Day High Tide Height Sunrise Moon Time % Moon
      /Low Time Feet Sunset Visible

      Th 31 High 2:04 PM 4.6 6:23 AM Rise 1:43 PM 39
      31 Low 11:03 PM 1.2 7:15 PM Set 11:30 PM

      F 1 High 3:46 PM 4.7 6:24 AM Rise 2:45 PM 49
      1 7:14 PM

      Sa 2 Low 12:12 AM 0.6 6:24 AM Set 12:23 AM 60
      2 High 8:16 AM 3.3 7:12 PM Rise 3:45 PM
      2 Low 10:39 AM 3.2
      2 High 5:21 PM 5.1

      Su 3 Low 1:00 AM 0.1 6:25 AM Set 1:24 AM 70
      3 High 8:07 AM 3.6 7:11 PM Rise 4:39 PM
      3 Low 12:06 PM 2.9
      3 High 6:25 PM 5.6

      M 4 Low 1:40 AM -0.4 6:26 AM Set 2:33 AM 79
      4 High 8:23 AM 4.0 7:10 PM Rise 5:27 PM
      4 Low 1:01 PM 2.3
      4 High 7:18 PM 6.1

      It seems the next good low tide will not be until Saturday. Where does the
      American Oystercatcher spend its time during High Tide?

      Saturday will be a travel day for me. As I will be away from the computer,
      I will be relying on the local RBA for updates.

      Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County

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