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Re: [CALBIRDS] Yellow Grosbeak Arz. posting

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  • Thomas Miko
    Hello Rich, Padraigh, and All, A crowd of birders (inlcuding myself, David Moody, and Ed Stonick) quietly sttod in front of trailers # 11 and 19, and spent
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 2, 2006
      Hello Rich, Padraigh, and All,

      A crowd of birders (inlcuding myself, David Moody, and Ed Stonick) quietly sttod in front of trailers # 11 and 19, and spent over an hour and a half this morning watching and photographing the bird.

      Yes, the bird's lower mandible is noticeably larger than the upper, and is not as illustrated in any of my field guides. Yes, the bird looks exactly like the photos of the Albuquerque bird.
      So, what does this mean???

      Well, despite my tongue-in-cheek question last night in the same vein, the obvious answer is that the Albuquerque bird should have become an adult by now, so theoretically we could have a Peter Pan Grosbeak who refuses to grow up, or who is so malnourished from being a pet store Tijuana special, that like an Axolotl, he cannot morph into an adult.

      How likely is this?

      How long DOES it take Yellow Grosbeaks to attain adult plumage?

      Is this perhaps a normal variant for immature Yellow Grosbeaks (regardless of gender?)???

      In my personal opinion, the bird is a legitimate wild bird, and this large lower mandible question is worthy of discussion, but not necessarily proof of any captivity. I'm putting the Big Guy on my lifelist, and of course, my California list.

      I look forward to hearing from people who have looked at a lot of them in Me ji co.


      >From: quail442003 <rscimino@...>
      >Date: 2006/08/02 Wed AM 12:28:12 CDT
      >To: CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com
      >Subject: [CALBIRDS] Yellow Grosbeak Arz. posting

      >More RBARZ comments on the Yellow Grosbeak found in June 2006.
      >The Yellow Grosbeak has gained my attention,so I saved all the
      >I guess it is synchronicity , but somewhere in time I've been
      >thinking this bird would re-appear. When the Arz. siting was posted
      >I immedately asked about the lower mandible in June.
      >Now a third YG in California or the same bird ??
      >Can someone get a good photo of the lower mandible and post the
      >This is an obsession, not a fetish.
      >Rich Cimino
      >Pleasanton, Cal.
      >ABA member 94566
      >Hi Rich,
      >The bird was seen under a canopy. As far as I could see there was no
      >discernable groove,
      >-----Original Message-----
      >From: Richard Cimino [mailto:rscimino@...]
      >Sent: Tuesday, June 13, 2006 11:50 PM
      >To: Patrick Santinello; BIRDWG05@...
      >Subject: YELLOW GROSBEAK - Did you notice an oddly grooved lower
      >mandible ?
      >Did this Yellow Grosbeak have a very noticeable lower grooved lower
      >mandible ?
      >The Yellow Grosbeak which wintered in Albuquerque this pass winter
      >had a
      >large grooved lower mandible.
      >The lower mandible was shaped perfectly to hold a large sun flower
      >Rich Cimino
      >Pleasanton, Cal.
      >ABA 94566
      >> [Original Message]
      >> From: Patrick Santinello <patrick@...>
      >> To: <BIRDWG05@...>
      >> Date: 6/13/2006 2:27:55 PM
      >> Subject: [BIRDWG05] AZ: Sycamore Canyon - YELLOW GROSBEAK - YES
      >> Hi All:
      >> Kudos to Matt Brown today, after hours of hiking in the canyon we
      >> back at the aforementioned spot (7/8 of the way to Montana Canyon
      >> log crosses the water) and, a fleeting look by Matt and a "Got it"
      >> had decent enough looks at the Yellow Grosbeak. The bird flew in
      >from down
      >> near trail and then up the side of the canyon and worked on the
      >rocks well
      >> above our heads. Also present were Rick Wright and Alison Beringer
      >> brother. There were others present who I am not sure saw the bird.
      >> The canyon was not super birdy today but there were some other nice
      >> birds.......
      >> Pair of Montezuma Quail
      >> Elegant Trogon (a number calling) one male seen around 1.5 miles
      >> Brown-Crested and Dusky-Capped Flycatcher
      >> Quite a number of "Western" Flycatchers moving around (surely
      >> Painted Redstart
      >> Blue Grosbeak
      >> Rufous-crowned Sparrow,
      >> Black-headed Grosbeak
      >> Etc.
      >> The Rufous-Capped Warbler was not seen.
      >> Good Birding all!
      >> Patrick Santinello
      >> Sonoita, AZ
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