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Yellow Grosbeak update from Tom and Jo Heindel

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  • Kimball Garrett
    Birders: The Yellow Grosbeak continues at Keough s Hot Springs [Inyo County] on 2 August through 10:30AM. A request has been made that birders park in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2006
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      The Yellow Grosbeak continues at Keough's Hot Springs [Inyo County] on 2
      August through 10:30AM. A request has been made that birders park in the
      large dirt parking lot on the left of the main road across from Andrea
      Street. The sign says "unauthorized vehicles will be towed..." but
      birders have received authorization by the owner. Guy McCaskie said that
      the bird is not aurantiacus although some monitors seem to be making the
      bird look more golden orange than it really is. This is a yellow colored

      [Additional note re: identification and natural origin from KLG...
      Presumably a wild bird would be of the nominate subspecies (or,
      especially of northernmost P. c. dilutus, if valid). These are rich
      yellow as adult males, unlike the deep orange-yellow birds south of the
      isthmus (P. c. aurantiacus). As for age, the bird is "adult-like" in
      having black and white remiges and rectrices; series of skins (e.g. at
      Occidental College) will need to be examined to determine if it is
      "normal" for a bird in this advanced plumage stage to be so dull on the
      body and retain dark streaking (as shown on the head). Presumably the
      brown juvenal flight feathers are replaced when the bird is roughly one
      year old (so if this is a SY bird, those new black and white feathers
      should look very fresh). Also, it remains to be determined if the bill
      shape is truly abnormal (most photos are of the bird with the bill open,
      manipulating seeds), and, if so, whether this is indicative of prior

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