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April Bird Festivals 2006

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Dear Calbirders, The following festivals are all opportunities to show your bird support for such events. Many of these events have gone a long way towards
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      Dear Calbirders,

      The following festivals are all opportunities to show your bird support for
      such events. Many of these events have gone a long way towards changing
      business attitudes towards birdwatching. This is particularly true in the
      smaller rural communities where they are often held. A key measure of
      success among non-birders is "How many people?" We on the other hand judge a
      festival by the quality of it's birds. So, all the hot birders in the state
      can do two things; Attend a bird festival to boost their attendance, then,
      find some really cool birds to make everybody else wish they had attended

      Good birds happen, Harlequin Duck at Stockton (CVBS), Emperor Goose this
      past weekend, Sprague's Pipit Salton Sea, or Magnificent Hummingbird at
      Godwit Days two years ago.

      So please check out the web pages and spread the word.

      Yours Rob Hewitt


      www.godwitdays.com <http://www.godwitdays.com/>


      HERON FESTIVAL <http://www.redbudaudubon.org/events.htm> & WILDFLOWER
      Kelseyville - CA
      April 22-23, 2006
      Heron Festival is a celebration of the Great Blue Heron return to their
      nesting sites around Clear Lake. Activities include pontoon boat rides to
      view the heronry and guided kayak trips to view birds on Kelsey Creek.
      Informative and interesting nature presentations are held at Clear Lake
      State Park along with informative booths, children's activities, and a
      Wildflower Brunch. Guided bird walks are available.
      Contact: Redbud Audubon Society <http://www.redbudaudubon.org> or call

      5th Annual Yuma Birding <http://www.yumabirding.org> & Nature Festival

      Yuma, AZ

      April 20-22, 2006
      The 6th annual Yuma Birding & Nature Festival celebrates the diversity of
      the lower Colorado River with field trips and educational seminars. For
      further information call: 1(928) 783-3061 or 1 (800) 293-0071,


      As of today, the Bioregions Festival is taking shape nicely. With some
      modification the festival has become as good as ever with longer trips being
      offered. There will be no dinner this year and fewer workshops but all in
      all it looks like a nice weekend is shaping up.

      Look for the printable schedule in PDF format here.

      There are a few additional trips on Friday and Monday.
      Here is the link to the Bioregions Festival schedule at a glance brochure.

      Find detailed information on the festival at


      Alison Sheehey
      P.O. Box 153
      Weldon, CA 93283


      Robert W. Hewitt

      Wildlife Biologist - LBJ Enterprises

      Eureka, California

      (w) 707-442-0339, (cell) 707-845-3189, (fax) 707-269-0632

      Chairman, Godwit Days Steering Committee


      April 21-23, April 2006

      Keynote Speaker: John Fitzpatrick

      Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

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