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Long Range Pelagic

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  • Don DesJardin
    Spring 2006 Searcher Pelagic Trip Please join us for a 5-day pelagic trip out of San Diego on April 26- 30. During the previous three years we ve had good
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      Spring 2006 Searcher Pelagic Trip

      Please join us for a 5-day pelagic trip out of San Diego on April 26-
      30. During the previous three years we've had good looks on every
      trip of such difficult west coast specialties as Laysan Albatross,
      Black Storm-petrel, Red-billed Tropicbird, and Xantus' Murrelet.
      We've found multiple Murphy's Petrels on three of our four trips.
      We've had a few Cook's Petrels during the spring, although our
      September trip is more reliable for that species.

      Other expected species include Black-footed Albatross, Northern
      Fulmar, Pink-footed Shearwater, Sooty Shearwater, Short-tailed
      Shearwater, Black-vented Shearwater, Leach's Storm-Petrel, Ashy Storm-
      Petrel, Red-necked Phalarope, Red Phalarope, Pomarine Jaeger,
      Parasitic Jaeger, Long-tailed Jaeger, Sabine's Gull, Black-legged
      Kittiwake, Arctic Tern, Common Murre, Xantus' Murrelet (scrippsi),
      Cassin's Auklet, and Rhinoceros Auklet. We've also found Manx
      Shearwater and Flesh-footed Shearwater during these trips.

      We bird offshore at the extreme southwestern corner of the ABA area.
      We visit the California Channel Islands, Point Conception, Rodriquez
      Dome, San Juan Seamount, Cortez Bank and deep water beyond the
      continental shelf. On our last day, we often edge into Mexican
      waters, so this is an opportunity to add to your Mexico list.

      We've had impressive numbers of whales on these tours, including
      sperm, mesoplodon, ziphius, humpback, blue, and fin. We've also seen
      Orca, bottlenose, long-beaked common, short-beaked common, northern
      right-whale, Risso's, Pacific white-sided dolphins and Dall's
      porpoises. Other marine mammals include California Sea-lion,
      Guadalupe fur seal, northern fur seal, northern elephant seal, and
      harbor seal.

      Using the 95-foot live-aboard "Searcher," we limit our trips to 29
      passengers and 4 leaders. The boat provides 2-3 person cabins,
      showers and three excellent meals a day. Our leaders for this trip
      are Walter Wehtje, Todd McGrath, David Compton and a special mystery
      leader to be announced next week. Todd McGrath has several hundred
      days experience leading pelagic trips on the Pacific and Atlantic
      coasts, Walter Wehtje has led pelagic trips in Southern California
      for more than 10 years, and David Compton is a very experienced
      birder from Santa Barbara, and a member of the California Bird
      Records Committee.

      We will travel north from San Diego and arrive in the Santa Barbara
      Channel the following morning. After spending a day in the Santa
      Barbara Channel, we overnight at Point Conception, and head out
      towards deep water the following morning. We travel to Rodriguez
      Seamount, San Juan Seamount, and points along and past the
      continental shelf. The exact itinerary will vary based on the
      leaders' and captain's judgments about bird abundance and weather

      Additional information and trip lists are at

      Date of 2006 trips: April 26-30, September 4-8
      Cost: $850 (includes all food and beverages, excludes crew gratuity).

      For more information on this and future trips, feel free to contact
      me directly, or:

      Searcher Natural History Tours
      2838 Garrison Street
      San Diego, California 92106 USA
      Phone: (619) 226-2403
      Fax: (619) 226-1332
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