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San Diego, CA Rare Bird Alert, January 6, 2006

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  • Michael Evans
    RBA [RARE BIRD ALERT] * California/Baja California, Mexico * San Diego and NW Baja California, Mexico * January 6, 2006 * CASD 06.01.06 BIRDS MENTIONED:
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      * California/Baja California, Mexico
      * San Diego and NW Baja California, Mexico
      * January 6, 2006
      * CASD 06.01.06



      Baja California, Mexico:



      San Diego County:

      Reddish Egret
      Yellow-crowned Night Heron
      Cackling Goose
      *Ruddy Shelduck
      Black Scoter
      Hooded Merganser
      Pacific Golden-Plover
      Black Tern
      *Red-crowned Parrot
      Long-eared Owl
      Broad-billed Hummingbird
      Eastern Phoebe
      Vermilion Flycatcher
      Plumbeous Vireo
      Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow
      Black-and-white Warbler
      American Redstart
      Painted Redstart
      Summer Tanager
      *Northern Cardinal
      Baltimore Oriole
      Yellow-headed Blackbird
      Common Grackle

      - Transcript

      Hotline: San Diego County, California (also covering adjacent NW Baja
      California, Mexico)
      Date: January 6, 2006
      Number: (619) 688-2473 [619-NUT-BIRD]
      Compiler: Michael Evans, mailto:muevans@...





      Reddish Egret, 1, 1/1/06 & 1/6/06, San Diego Bay-S Bay NWR (salt
      works), from N-end 7th St, Imperial Beach: Barr, James & Kershner,

      Yellow-crowned Night Heron, 2, 1/6/06, Imperial Beach, roosting in
      eucalyptus trees, apartment complex, E-TJ slough, in Mariner's Pt,
      Caspian Way at 351-261: Kershner, Eric

      Cackling Goose, 1, 1/1/06, Ramona grasslands, Rangeland Rd: Barr, James

      *Ruddy Shelduck, 1, 1/3/06-1/4/06, San Diego R Floodway area, Robb
      Field ball fields: Mayers, S. B. & Morgan, John

      Black Scoter 1, 1/1/06, Pacific Ocean, Imperial Beach, Seacoast Dr at
      Encanto Barr, James

      Hooded Merganser, 2 (M+F), 1/4/06 & 1, 1/6/06, Tijuana R Vly, Dairy
      Mart pond: Pryde, P. & Kershner, Eric

      Pacific Golden-Plover, 1, 1/4/06,Mission Bay, Crown Point, 150 yd N-
      Crown Pt Dr & Ingraham St: Walens, S.

      Black Tern, 1, 1/4/06, San Diego Bay, N-end 8th St, Imperial Beach:
      Fenner, Dave

      *Red-crowned Parrot, 1, 1/1/06, Imperial Beach, N-end, 7th St: Barr,

      Long-eared Owl, 8, 1/4/06, Anza Borrego DSP, Tamarisk Grove Campgrnd:
      Hastings, M.

      Broad-billed Hummingbird, 1 (M), 1/4/06, Borrego Springs,Tilting T Dr
      yard: Hastings, M.,

      Eastern Phoebe, 1, 1/1/06-1/6/06, Tijuana R Vly, Monument Rd, farm
      NE-corner Saturn & Monument Rd: Altman, Eitan, Hastings, M., Pryde, P.
      & Kershner, Eric

      Vermilion Flycatcher, 1, 1/3/06, Lindo Lake Park, Lakeside: Hastings,

      Plumbeous Vireo, 1, 1/4/06, Tijuana R Vly, Servando Ave, W-end: Pryde,

      Nelson's Sharp-tailed Sparrow, 1, 12/31/05-1/1/06, Tijuana Estuary,
      1400 block, Seacoast Dr, Imperial Beach: Evans, M. & Barr, James [adj
      to salt marsh at highest tides]

      Black-and-white Warbler, 2, 1/4/06, Old Town San Diego, State Parks HQ,
      in Sycamore: Edwards, Claude

      American Redstart, 1 (F), 1/4/06, Tijuana R Vly Reg Park, Bird &
      Butterfly Garden: Pryde, P.

      Painted Redstart, 1 (M), 1/3/06, San Diego Zoo, W-end, Elephant Mesa,
      betw Rhino & Anteater enclosures: Wade, Les

      Summer Tanager, 1 (F), 1/3/06, San Diego Zoo, S-part, Bactrian Wapiti
      exhibit: Stanley, Trent R.

      *Northern Cardinal, 2 (M+F), 1/4/06, Tijuana R Vly, Servando Ave,
      W-end: Pryde, P.

      Baltimore Oriole, 2 (M +F?), 1/6/06, Balboa Park, eucs behind Old Globe
      Theater: Rideout, Bruce

      Yellow-headed Blackbird, 1 (M), 1/6/06, Tijuana R Vly, Dairy Mart pond:
      Kershner, Eric

      Common Grackle, 1 (M), 1/1/06-1/6/06, Tijuana R Vly, Wigginton Rch
      stables, Hollister St, S-Sunset Ave, N-side, large paddock w/white pipe
      fence--stall 40 w/white horse: Barr, James, Hastings, M., Pryde, P. &
      Kershner, Eric

      q=N32.555972+W117.082350&t=k&iwloc=A&hl=en> ]


      See County Bird Rarity Code List prepared by Mark Billings at SD Bird
      Files Section: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SDBIRDS/files/

      For directions to many of the locations listed here,
      See Thomas Brothers Map Book for San Diego County, or:

      See also: http://www.SoCalAudubon.org/socal/sd-locs.htm

      Mary Beth Stowe�s Website for San Diego County birding locations:

      For maps of Baja California, Mexico locations, see:

      Send reports on California Bird Record Committee
      Review Species sightings to:

      Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275

      Send local rarity bird descriptions to:

      Elizabeth Copper, Subregional Field Notes Editor

      End transcript

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