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(question)Re: [CALBIRDS] Smith's Longspur

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  • Thomas Miko
    Hi Bob and Everybody, Do we need to arrive at either the longspur location or the Rufous-backed Robin location really early in the morning, or can we casually
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 29, 2005
      Hi Bob and Everybody,
      Do we need to arrive at either the longspur location or the Rufous-backed Robin location really early in the morning, or can we casually show up, and just get either bird by putting in the time and effort???

      >From: Bob Miller <bob.miller@...>
      >Date: Wed Dec 28 22:47:13 CST 2005
      >To: CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com, Inlandcountybirds <inlandcountybirds@...>,
      SDBIRDS <SDBIRDS@yahoogroups.com>
      >Subject: [CALBIRDS] Smith's Longspur

      >Hi all,
      >Paul Jorgenson and I spent the day in slow mode and had a great time looking
      >up birds and birders. The Smith's Longspur was seen well this morning by
      >four of us at 0845. It flew in for water on the edge of the concrete ditch
      >about 50 yds east of the ditch crossing at the NW corner of the field.
      >Going east on Peterson Road from Blair Road on the south side of the prison
      >and parking at the canal crossing in the NW (first) corner of the fourth
      >field is still my best suggestion. It has been seen on that north edge of
      >the field or on the edge of that concrete ditch at least four times that I
      >am aware of. Another suggestion? Do not save the longspurs for the end of
      >the day! I walked a loop through the field from about 3:30 till sunset and
      >almost could not prove there was a bird of any kind in that field. Best bet
      >is morning.
      >About 100 Mountain Plover were headed south in a hurry along Blair Road as
      >we headed into Niland. Not sure where that bunch went but there were
      >several Mountain Plover in the Bermuda Grass field to the north and west of
      >the longspur field when we got back there in the late afternoon. Two
      >White-tailed Kite were seen in the area.
      >We saw the Rufous-baked Robin at Wister several times from about 1:30 to
      >3:00 and I was lucky enough to get several digiscope shots of it. It
      >continues to visit the palm on the left of the entrance to the nature trail.
      >It seems to be coming in about the same time the Abert's Towhees do and a
      >Northern Mockingbird chased it off once. The Dusky-capped Flycatcher was
      >active and vocal as were the American Redstarts on the nature trail.
      >Ladder-backed Woodpecker likes the tall Eucalyptus trees. Virginia Rail
      >call pretty regularly on the north part of the nature trail.
      >At sundown yesterday while walking through Brawley I had a Lesser Nighthawk
      >flying at the intersection of West D Street and El Cerrito which is two
      >blocks north of Main Street between Western Ave and Rio Vista. There was
      >also a Great Horned Owl calling one block north of there on West C Street.
      >Western Screech-Owl continues to call outside my bedroom window anywhere
      >from 0330 to 0530 for most of three weeks now.
      >Now a shameless plug for good food. The United Market in Niland makes
      >fantastic homemade sandwiches. Anyplace that has every flavor of wine that
      >Boone's Farm or MD 20/20 ever made has to be worth a visit! Wear your
      >binoculars everywhere you go. Let people know that bird watchers are
      >spending dollars in their community.
      > (!__!)
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