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good (SBRDO Co.) birds

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  • D. Heindel
    Hi all, I saw a bird I couldn t positively identify Saturday, which ought to be checked out. Unfortunately I didn t take a precise mileage reading of where I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 19, 2001
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      Hi all,

      I saw a bird I couldn't positively identify Saturday, which

      ought to be checked out. Unfortunately I didn't take a precise

      mileage reading of where I was, but it should be relocatable.

      I've been out of town (and the loop) until now....

      The bird was on Hwy 138 east of I-15, in SBDO Co.. (Yes I

      left the count circle!). From Cajon summit, go east on 138.

      climbing through a windy narrow small canyon, a couple miles

      east of 15 the road straightens out and is a long declining

      If you reach the Summit Country Store (where adventure passes sold)

      you've gone to far. About a mile or two west of (before) the store

      is a large estate, with a gated drive on the north side of the
      road. The

      road is lined with trees here, and you can't see the house. It is

      only house in the area. There was a very large (Zon) sparrow

      here, mostly across the street from the estate.

      In the flock one sparrow was something I've never seen before.

      threat of death couldn't make me agree with a BRC that was either

      Clay-colored or (standard) Brewer's. I saw no other Spizella in the

      It had a gray unstreaked nape, and a large, long, mostly dark
      bill. The

      back was boldly streaked black on gray. It had a distinct clear

      supercillium. I think the bird was likely a Timberline

      So, if anyone can get out there, I would suggest checking it out....

      Other things of interest 11/17 were:

      Swainson's Hawk just north of Mojave River Forks

      Imm. male Vermillion Flyc. at Mojave Narows Reg. Pk.

      Swamp Sparrow at Hesperia Lake Park. This was below the lake

      where a small wet ditch drains it. There is a patch of cattails a

      distance north of the lake. This is where it was - with many

      N.Pygmy-Owl: at the north end of the Lake Arrowhead Dam take the

      road to the right (east), 100 yards or so, to a line of trees going

      the hill to the north (left). It was in this tree patch,
      and calling.

      During the incredible Leonid Meteor shower (11/18), just north of

      Lake Arrowhead, (off North Bay Blvd, east of 173) I heard several

      series of calls from both a Saw-Whet Owl, and a W.Screech-Owl.

      Sunday afternoon the Thick-billed Kingbird was present, with

      7 Cassin's, at Cal Poly Pomona, Lot J Eucs.

      happy hunting


      Mitch Heindel


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