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FW: [sbcobirding] Baikal Teal in Lompoc

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  • Dave Compton
    I m sure everyone is tired of hearing from me by now, but Brad s correction is very important. This is really not at all a minor correction as he says. Dave
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 10, 2005
      I'm sure everyone is tired of hearing from me by now, but Brad's correction
      is very important. This is really not at all a "minor" correction as he

      Dave Compton
      Santa Barbara

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      From: Becky Hoban [mailto:b.hoban@...]
      Sent: Saturday, December 10, 2005 6:19 PM
      To: 'Dave Compton'
      Subject: RE: [sbcobirding] Baikal Teal in Lompoc


      Minor correction to your directions: "take highway 246 west....onto
      Purisima Rd ".

      BTW, I only got a couple of decent shots of the bird


      DIRECTIONS: From US 101 at Buellton, take highway 154 west; turn right onto
      Purisma Rd just before you reach Lompoc, and take this road past the mission
      and to the flashing red light at Rucker Rd, where you turn right again; from
      Rucker, drive north to Burton Mesa Rd, and then turn right once more; go one
      to two tenths of a mile, until you see an inconspicuous unpaved road just
      past some small pines on your right; turn here and follow the road down the
      hill to the fenced-off sewage plant. (The road continues past the sewage
      plant onto La Purisima Mission property.) If you arrive any time but between
      10 and 12 tomorrow, pull off the road and search for the duck from the hill
      to the west (light may be very bad in the morning, but it's good in the
      afternoon). If you arrive when Dan is there tomorrow, pull inside the sewage
      plant gate, past the "No Trespassing" sign, and park next to the buildings.
      The bird was mostly in the third pond from the north end of the plant, or
      the northernmost unlined pond (the two northernmost ponds are lined with a
      black material of some sort, while the others are surrounded by plain,
      vegetated dirt berms). It was also seen in the second lined pond, and
      probably spent some time in one of the more southerly ponds. Once all the
      birders settled into the west side of the ponds, the bird settled into the
      east end of the third pond and didn't leave all afternoon.
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