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GODWIT DAYS 2006 April 21-23rd

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Dear Birders, I m pleased to announce that the Godwit Days web page is up and ready to receive on-line registrations for the 11th Annual Festival, April 21-23,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 9, 2005
      Dear Birders,

      I'm pleased to announce that the Godwit Days web page is up and ready to
      receive on-line registrations for the 11th Annual Festival, April 21-23,

      Check out www.godwitdays.com <http://www.godwitdays.com/>

      Godwit Days is a Spring Migration Bird Festival that we hold here in Arcata,
      Humboldt County. It celebrates the diverse array of birds here at that time
      and the excellent array of public lands and birding spaces within a short
      drive from the Arcata Community Center. Humboldt Bay provides the focus of
      attention, with mudflat gatherings of shorebirds in spring colors and our
      icon, the Marbled Godwit.

      Why godwits? Well, we have lots of them, they are readily identifiable, and
      signify the migratory and wintering location that Humboldt Bay provides. It
      is a Western Hemisphere Shorebird Network site, recognized at the
      international level, and much of it is under protected status. Both the
      Arcata Marsh Project and the Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge
      contribute significantly in this regard.

      The event is aimed at all levels of birders. There are almost 100 field
      trips and workshops led and presented by our vibrant local birding
      community. Local birders will take you to Castle Rock (Del Norte County),
      the Eureka Waterfront, giant redwoods with Marbled Murrelets and Barred
      Owls, Six Rivers National Forest and the Trinity River, Clam Beach, Dawn
      chorus at the Arcata Marsh, Elkhead in Trinidad for thousands of Common

      Our featured trips include a Big Day competition that pits Saturday’s and
      Sunday’s day-long bus trip against each other (well over 100 species seen),
      Pelagic Trips (seas permitting), and a personal encounter with Spotted Owls
      as local wildlife biologists take you on a nest monitoring excursion. Our
      cumulative species total for the event is over 230, which can be expanded on
      by our pre- and post-festival trips to further reaches of Northern
      California. We work the coast north of Marin before the event, we can even
      pick you up at the San Francisco airport. After the event, we visit the
      Klamath Basin and the Central Valley on a 3-day tour (back to the airport if

      This year’s keynote is provided by Dr John Fitzpatrick, Director of the
      Cornell Lab of Ornithology. His Saturday evening address will feature the
      topical Ivory-billed Woodpecker and what this and other individual
      birds/species can do to save the world.

      As well as focused trips for birders, Godwit Days offers wide array of
      community activities, held mostly at the Arcata Community Center. An active
      bird fair featuring information booths, agencies, artisans, specialty bird
      books and optics vendors fills the main hall. Here on Saturday and Sunday,
      Wildlife Images presents some wonderful “up-close” rehabbed birds of prey. A
      reception Friday night opens the Gallery of Birds Art Show, which brings
      over 30 artists together to display and sell their work.

      Food is available: at the Godwit Café, at the Banquet Saturday night, or at
      the wrap-up party at a local brewery on Sunday evening. Children’s
      educational/environmental activities and a K-12 student art contest work
      towards the education goal of the Godwit Days nonprofit organization.

      Above all, the City of Arcata welcomes visitors, as only Humboldt can. A
      low-stress, mild traffic environment encourages a tremendous community
      spirit, from friendly store clerks and wait-staff to the City Council, which
      is a major sponsor and the originator of the festival and drive for
      ecotourism. As chair of our board, an active California birder, and a proud
      community member, I invite you to visit what I call the “last best place in

      Yours Rob,

      P.S. For the record, Christmas Bird Count tallies for 2002 (5065), 2003
      (6567), 2004 (6961), and 2005 (5711), show that the Centerville to King
      Salmon (South Humboldt Bay) count has provided the highest number of Marbled
      Godwits on CBC counts anywhere in the USA and Canada for many years.

      Robert W. Hewitt

      Wildlife Biologist - LBJ Enterprises

      Eureka, California

      (w) 707-442-0339, (cell) 707-845-3189, (fax) 707-269-0632

      Chairman, Godwit Days Steering Committee


      April 21-23, April 2006

      Keynote Speaker: John Fitzpatrick

      Director, Cornell Lab of Ornithology

      Can’t make Godwit Days? The check on our sister festival in Crescent City.


      We invite you to the 8th annual Aleutian Goose Festival
      March 31 -- April 4, 2006

      <http://www.aleutiangoosefestival.org/events.html> Events Sampling for 8th
      annual Aleutian Goose Festival.
      We are honored to offer Birding, Nature and Tolowa and Yurok Indian
      cultural experiences that you will remember for the rest of your life.

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