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San Diego, CA Rare Bird Alert, 11 November 2005

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  • Michael Evans
    RBA [RARE BIRD ALERT] * California/Baja California, Mexico * San Diego and NW Baja California, Mexico * November 11, 2005 * CASD 05.11.11 BIRDS MENTIONED:
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      * California/Baja California, Mexico
      * San Diego and NW Baja California, Mexico
      * November 11, 2005
      * CASD 05.11.11



      Baja California:


      San Diego County:

      Red-necked Grebe?
      Yellow-crowned Night Heron
      Eurasian Wigeon
      Zone-tailed Hawk
      Yellow-bellied Sapsucker
      Gray Flycatcher
      Vermilion Flycatcher
      Plumbeous Vireo
      Brown Thrasher
      Grace's Warbler
      Palm Warbler
      Black-and-white Warbler
      American Redstart
      Prothonotary Warbler
      Painted Redstart
      Baltimore Oriole

      - Transcript

      Hotline: San Diego County, California (also covering adjacent NW Baja
      California, Mexico)
      Date: November 11, 2005
      Number: (619) 688-2473 [619-NUT-BIRD]
      Compiler: Michael Evans, mailto:muevans@...


      Baja California, Mexico Reports:


      San Diego County Reports:

      RED-NEKED GREBE (?) 1, 11/9/05, San Diego R Floodway, far E-end, along
      frontage rd: Grantham, Gary [not refound]

      YELLOW-CROWNED NIGHT-HERON, 2, 11/6/05, Imperial Beach, roosting in
      eucalyptus trees, apartment complex, E-TJ slough, in Mariner's Pt,
      Caspian Way at 351-261: Young, Herb [probable roosting site of two
      wintering birds]

      EURASIAN WIGEON, 1 (M), 11/9/05, Pe�asquitos Slough, along Carmel Vly
      Rd, across from Carmel Vly market, Del Mar: Smith, Susan

      ZONE-TAILED HAWK, 1, 11/6/05, SR 78, near Pine Hills egg stand:
      Altman, Eitan

      YELLOW-BELLIED SAPSUCKER, 1, 11/9/05 & 11/10/05, Lindo Lake Park,
      Lakeside, E-end, E lake: Altman, Eitan & Myers, Tom

      GRAY FLYCATCHER, 1, 11/10/05 &11/11/05, Lindo Lake Park, Lakeside,
      E-end, E lake: Myers, Tom & Altman, Eitan

      VERMILION FLYCATCHER, 2 (1Ad, 1Juv), 11/10/05 & 1 (M/ad), 11/11/05,
      Lindo Lake Park, Lakeside, in willows along NE edge, W-lake: Myers,

      PLUMBEOUS VIREO, 1, 11/10/05, Lindo Lake Park, Lakeside, in willows
      along NE edge, W-lake: Altman, Eitan

      BROWN THRASHER, 1, 11/5/05-11/7/05 &11/10/05m Cabrillo NM, Myoporum
      grove, dripping faucet: Goldhammer, M., Rogers, G., Mathos, Mike, &
      Norton, Dick

      GRACE�S WARBLER, 1 (F/Ad), 1 (M/Ad), 1 (?), 11/5/05, Ft Rosecrans NC,
      N-fence: Heindel, M. T. & 1 (M/Ad), 11/6/05, Ft Rosecrans NC, W-side,
      SE corner: Rogers, G.

      PALM WARBLER, 1, 11/6/05, Famosa Slough, S-end: Myers, Tom

      BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, 1 (F), 11/5/05, Point Loma residential area,
      3735 Trudy: Smith, Susan

      AMERICAN REDSTART, 1 (M/HY), 11/5/05, Tijuana R Vly Reg Park, Bird &
      Butterfly Garden: Heindel, M. T. & 1, 11/10/05, Point Loma residential
      area, pepper tree, 3730 Rosecroft: Norton, Dick

      PROTHONOTARY WARBLER, 1 (M/Ad), 11/5/05-11/7/05; 11/10/05, 11/11/05,
      Point Loma residential area, backyard of 3749 Rosecroft, at Catalina, &
      nearby area: Smith, Susan, Sadowski, Matt, Mathos, Mike, Hazard, G.,
      Martin, John

      PAINTED REDSTART, 1 (M), 11/6/05 & 11/9/05, San Diego Zoo, S-Hunte
      Amphitheater, in bamboo (seen from elev walkw betw Jaguar & Snow
      Leopard) : Crean, William & Hughes, Lauren

      BALTIMORE ORIOLE, 1 (M/HY), 11/6/05, Point Loma residential area,
      Cedarbrae, 100 m E-Catalina: Martin, John & 1, 11/6/05 & Santee Lakes,
      betw lakes 3 & 4, near picnic tables: Crean, William

      See County Bird Rarity Code List prepared by Mark Billings at SD Bird
      Files Section: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SDBIRDS/files/

      For directions to many of the locations listed here,
      See Thomas Brothers Map Book for San Diego County, or:

      See also: http://www.SoCalAudubon.org/socal/sd-locs.htm

      Mary Beth Stowe�s Website for San Diego County birding locations:

      For maps of Baja California, Mexico locations, see:

      Send reports on California Bird Record Committee
      Review Species sightings to:

      Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275

      Send local rarity bird descriptions to:

      Elizabeth Copper, Subregional Field Notes Editor

      End transcript

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