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RE: Great Gray Owl comments

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  • Richard Cimino
    Hi Bev Yes Fresno County , Sierra National Forest. My mistake. Be a great find in Sierra County too. One of the Great Grey Owl skins in the MVZ is a GGO
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2005
      Hi Bev
      Yes Fresno County , Sierra National Forest. My mistake.
      Be a great find in Sierra County too.
      One of the Great Grey Owl skins in the MVZ is a GGO collected in Shasta
      County 1917.
      Thank you for the editing - Kathy e mailed me on the error also.
      The Biologist Carla Cicero indicated that she that worked Boy Scout
      Camp/Dinky Creek area studying Jays.
      She indicated that there are Spotted Owls in the "area".
      I did notice that the meadow areas were very damp, areas had standing
      water and full of wild flowers yet(late?).
      So this past winter was very wet, maybe that effected the GGO prey base
      volume so no nesting success.
      Did the SE biologist comment on food source or ecological balance of
      habitat out of balance due to El Nino?
      Well maybe next year we'll get lucky.
      In pasting it was very cool here today; how was it over by you?
      Hope to meet you birding some day.
      Again thanks for your mail and correction.
      Rich Cimino
      Pleasanton, Ca 94566

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      From: Beverly Brock [mailto:bevbrock@...]
      Sent: Saturday, August 13, 2005 2:22 PM
      To: quail442003; Kathy Robertson
      Subject: Great Gray

      Hi Rich and Kathy--
      Congratulations on the physical evidence of great gray owl
      presence near the Boy Scout Camp. The site, by the way, is in Fresno
      County, not Sierra Co. Did you mean to say, Rich, that you did NOT hear
      or see the owl?
      We learned a few days ago that great gray and spotted owl
      productivity this year was poor in that area, presumably because of the
      bad weather so late in the season. The Southern California Edison
      biologist we spoke to said that no young were detected this year, so the
      movements of the adults are far more erratic and unpredictable than if
      they would be if they had young to provide for. In years when there are
      young, seeing a great gray happens about half the time near the Boy
      Scout camp at dusk, but chances of seeing them will be much slimmer for
      the rest of the summer. We know they're in the forest somewhere, but
      having them in view is another matter. You'll have to try again next

      Bev Brock
      Sanger, Fresno County, CA

      > [Original Message]
      > From: quail442003 <rscimino@...>
      > To: <CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com>
      > Date: 08/12/2005 5:15:00 PM
      > Subject: [CALBIRDS] Sierra County -Great Grey Owl feather
      > On Saturday/Sunday August7th Kathy Robertson and I searched
      > for the Shaver Lake/ Dingy creek / Boy Scout Meadows
      > Great Grey Owl which was present 2004.
      > It was a visual no show.
      > But as we walked the meadow boarder Sunday AM I found a feather.
      > It was recently dropped,it laid on top of the due which covered the
      > meadow next to some fallen dead pines.
      > The feather is fresh in appearance.
      > This week I took some time from work and visited U of C Berkeley were

      > I was able to match the feather to other
      > Great Grey Owls skins held in U of Berkeley Museum of Zoology.
      > Carla Ciciro was my host and was very helpful, as well very deligent
      > she pulled Great Horn and Spotted Owl skins to do the comparison
      > The conclusion, by Carla Cicero staff Biologist is the feather is the
      > a back feather from a Great Grey Owl.
      > We did see or hear the Great Grey Owl.
      > However the owl was present at some point during the post dawn period
      > B4 11 AM, which is the time we a found the feather.
      > Rich Cimino
      > Pleasanton, Ca.
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