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  • stephen_winter@fws.gov
    Greetings All A couple of weeks ago I made a request to CALBIRDS for info about places that I could take a visiting friend so he could fill in some of the gaps
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 4, 2005
      Greetings All
      A couple of weeks ago I made a request to CALBIRDS for info about
      places that I could take a visiting friend so he could fill in some of the
      gaps on his California/U.S. list. I received many helpfull replies which
      contributed to our successfull trip. We birded in Kern, Los Angeles,
      Merced, Tulare, and Ventura counties, and we met some very friendly and
      helpfull birders at Butterbredt Spring. For those who are interested, what
      follows is the list for our trip. Again, thanks for your help!

      Bird List for 5-25-05 to 5-31-05 California Trip; 153 species

      * = life bird for Steve (n = 19); + = life bird for Santiago (n = 9); h =
      heard only

      common loon
      eared grebe
      pied-billed grebe
      western grebe
      Clark’s grebe *
      brown pelican
      double-crested cormorant
      pelagic cormorant
      American bittern
      great blue heron
      great egret
      snowy egret
      black-crowned night-heron
      white-faced ibis
      northern shoveler
      cinnamon teal
      lesser scaup
      white-winged scoter
      common merganser
      ruddy duck
      turkey vulture
      northern harrier
      Swainson’s hawk
      red-tailed hawk
      golden eagle
      American kestrel
      prairie falcon
      California quail
      mountain quail * +
      chukar * +
      ring-necked pheasant (h)
      common moorhen
      American coot
      black-necked stilt
      California gull
      western gull
      Heerman’s gull
      Caspian tern
      Forster’s tern
      mourning dove
      rock dove
      band-tailed pigeon
      rose-ringed parakeet *
      greater roadrunner
      barn owl
      great horned owl
      white-throated swift
      Anna’s hummingbird *
      Costa’s hummingbird * +
      black-chinned hummingbird
      Allan’s hummingbird *
      acorn woodpecker
      downy woodpecker
      hairy woodpecker
      Nuttall’s woodpecker *
      ladder-backed woodpecker
      white-headed woodpecker * +
      northern flicker
      pileated woodpecker
      olive-sided flycatcher *
      western wood-peewee
      Pacific-slope flycatcher *
      willow flycatcher *
      dusky flycatcher
      gray flycatcher
      black phoebe
      Say’s phoebe
      ash-throated flycatcher
      western kingbird
      loggerhead shrike
      warbling vireo *
      plumbeous vireo
      Stellar’s jay
      western scrub jay
      yellow-billed magpie +
      common raven
      American crow
      horned lark
      northern rough-winged swallow
      violet-green swallow
      tree swallow
      cliff swallow
      barn swallow
      oak titmouse
      mountain chickadee
      bushtit *
      red-breasted nuthatch
      white-breasted nuthatch
      pygmy nuthatch
      brown creeper (h)
      Bewick’s wren
      house wren
      marsh wren
      cactus wren
      rock wren
      canyon wren
      American dipper
      golden-crowned kinglet
      blue-gray gnatcatcher
      western bluebird
      American robin
      Swainson’s thrush
      hermit thrush
      northern mockingbird
      California thrasher * +
      European starling
      cedar waxwing
      Nashville warbler
      yellow warbler
      yellow-rumped warbler
      MacGillivray’s warbler
      common yellowthroat
      Wilson’s warbler
      western tanager
      black-headed grosbeak
      lazuli bunting *
      spotted towhee
      green-tailed towhee *
      California towhee
      sage sparrow
      black-throated sparrow
      Brewer’s sparrow
      Chipping sparrow
      savannah sparrow
      lark sparrow
      fox sparrow
      song sparrow
      dark-eyed junco (Oregon race)
      western meadowlark
      brown-headed cowbird
      tri-colored blackbird
      red-winged blackbird
      Brewer’s blackbird
      great-tailed grackle
      Bullock’s oriole
      hooded oriole
      Cassin’s finch * +
      house finch
      red crossbill
      pine siskin
      Lawrence’s goldfinch * +
      Lesser goldfinch
      American goldfinch
      house sparrow

      Stephen L. Winter
      San Luis National Wildlife Refuge Complex
      947-C W. Pacheco Blvd.
      Box 2176
      Los Banos, CA 93635
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