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September Long Range pelagic

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  • Don DesJardin
    2005 September Long Range Pelagic Going Out Deep in Southern California is now a reality, and has been for the last two years aboard the 95 Searcher, based
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 2, 2005
      2005 September Long Range Pelagic
      "Going Out Deep in Southern California" is now a reality, and has been
      for the last two years aboard the 95' Searcher, based in San Diego.
      Please join us for our third fall multi-day pelagic birding trip
      leaving San Diego, California on Monday 5 September at noon, and
      returning on Friday the 9th at around 8:00am. We'll be birding the
      warm waters off Southern California as far offshore as possible. Among
      the species we've encountered during the last two September trips, are
      Black-footed Albatross, Buller's Shearwater, Flesh-footed Shearwater,
      Bulwer's Petrel, Least, Ashy, Black, and Leach's Storm-petrels,
      Red-billed Tropicbird, Red-tailed Tropicbird, all three jaegers, South
      Polar Skua, Xantus' Murrelet (hypoleucus), and Craveri's Murrelet.
      Cetaceans have included Sperm Whale, Baird's Beaked Whale, Orca, Blue
      Whale and Fin Whale.

      Early September is when water temperatures peak in Southern
      California, bringing up tuna and dorado from Baja California along
      with accompanying birds. Our target species for this trip include
      Cook's Petrel, warm water storm-petrels, Red-billed Tropicbird,
      Red-tailed Tropicbird, Xantus' Murrelet, and Craveri's Murrelet.
      We'll have three nights when we can lay out fish oil slicks while on
      sea anchor to attract bird, several hours before dawn. We'll also be
      on the lookout for sharp temperature breaks and upwelling where birds
      tend to congregate.

      Now in our third year of running these multi-day trips we have a good
      sense of where to search for the rarer pelagic species, and hope to
      find a few surprises. Water temperatures are already higher than
      normal for this time of year, and by late summer should provide us
      with excellent birding conditions. The entire trip will be
      in the ABA count area. If you want to check out previous trip lists,
      trip maps, and comments, please go to

      The cost is $750, which includes all food and beverages. Clean sheets,
      hot showers, three great meals a day with unlimited snacks in between,
      real china at mealtime, wine in the evening, this is not a sparse voyage.
      If you have addaitional questions or need more detailed information,
      please contact me directly.

      Contact & Reservation Information:

      Searcher Natural History Tours
      2838 Garrison Street
      San Diego, California 92106 USA
      Phone: (619) 226-2403
      Fax: (619) 226-1332
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