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  • Thomas Miko
    Dear Gruff, Brad Schramm [s edition of the Lane Guide is far updtaed, and more detailed. Lots of good info there. Santa Anita Canyon will be a problem for the
    Message 1 of 3 , May 4, 2005
      Dear Gruff,

      Brad Schramm'[s edition of the Lane Guide is far updtaed, and more detailed. Lots of good info there.
      Santa Anita Canyon will be a problem for the next 18 months or what have you, due to the extensive rockslides in our Southern California mountains caused by the record rainfall. Many of my (and others') favorite hiking or birding trails have disappeared without a trace. Work is being done to replace these trails, but this is the year when I an other will not be able to get a bunch of species at the usual easy locations. I am going to take a look at the Santa Anita Canyon area in the near future, to see how much progress is being made. The nearest Black Swifts that you can reliably get to may be at Monkeyface Falls, San Bernardino County (immediately east of LA). Also good is the Kern River in Kern County. Bob Barnes or Michael McQuery or somebody could give you specifics.
      There are multiple reliable locations for Lawrence's Goldinches, so the trick will be to chose the one closest to your other birds. Listmembers can help you decide.
      There are 2 birders who live near Santa Anita Canyon who may know more, but they travel a lot, so who knows when and if they will be checking their emails...

      >From: Gruff Dodd <gruff@...>
      >Date: Wed May 04 14:45:13 CDT 2005
      >To: CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com

      >Hi all
      >I'd be extremely grateful for any information you could provide on the
      >following in advance of a very brief trip to Southern California at the end
      >of August 2005 - going to a wedding in Vegas, and tagging on a few days
      >birding in SoCal afterwards!
      >1. I was thinking of doing a day trip from Vegas to the Cima area to look
      >for Crissal, Bendire's and Le Conte's Thrashers, as well as Gilded Flicker,
      >Gray Vireo and Black-chinned Sparrow. Is this still considered a good area
      >for these birds, and if so, are the best areas still as described in the
      >Harold Holt ABA guide, or are there better areas currently?
      >2. Is Santa Anita Canyon still a good spot for Black Swift? Any more
      >reliable sites near to Los Angeles?
      >3. Is there anywhere particularly good for Lawrence's Goldfinches this
      >4. Which area of Salton Sea is currently considered most reliable for
      >Yellow-footed Gull in August?
      >5. Any recommendations for reliable sites, between Salton Sea and Ventura
      >for the following species (all dipped on my previous visit to California!)
      > Grey Flycatcher
      > Brewer's Sparrow
      > Grey Vireo
      > Le Conte's Thrasher
      > Black-chinned Sparrow
      > Western Screech-Owl
      > Calliope Hummingbird
      > Costa's Hummingbird
      > Sage Thrasher
      > Williamson's Sapsucker
      > Flammulated Owl
      > Mountain Pygmy-Owl
      > Common Poorwill
      > Clark's Nutcracker
      > Cassin's Finch
      > Green-tailed Towhee
      > Lewis's Woodpecker
      > White-headed Woodpecker
      > California Spotted-Owl
      > Saw-whet Owl
      > Olive-sided Flycatcher
      > Cassin's Vireo
      > Bell's Sage Sparrow
      > Rufous-crowned Sparrow
      >As far as I can tell, the San Gabriel mountains seems like my best bet, but
      >any help in narrowing down the search area, or reliable alternative
      >locations would be extremely welcome!
      >Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.
      >Best wishes.
      >Barri, Cymru/Wales
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    • Thomas Miko
      This is very interesting! Why do the people at the forest service office keep saying that this is closed until May 2006 and that is closed until December
      Message 2 of 3 , May 5, 2005
        This is very interesting!
        Why do the people at the forest service office keep saying that "this is closed until May 2006" and "that is closed until December 2005"???
        I said what I said based on them telling me flat out that these roads are closed, gne, destroyed...

        >From: Nick_&_Mary Freeman <mnfreeman@...>
        >Date: Thu May 05 08:45:54 CDT 2005
        >To: Thomas Miko <thomas.miko@...>
        >Cc: gruff@...

        >Santa Anita Avenue is open to Chantry Flats; the way in to Santa Anita
        >Canyon. My co-worker was there this past Monday. She didn't go into the
        >canyon to the falls. She said Heninger Flats (I'm not really familiar where
        >it's at honestly) was still closed. So no doom and gloom of extensive
        >rockslides like you've described in your Calbirds posting at least on the
        >road up. No report on the Gabrielino trail though which goes down into the
        >See ya!
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