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Re: [CALBIRDS] SoCal Northern Mockingbird question

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  • Ken Burton
    IdLaFie, Incubation and nestling durations vary widely from one bird group to another. 10-20 days, give or take, is broadly typical of each for most
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      Incubation and nestling durations vary widely from one bird group to another. 10-20 days, give or take, is broadly typical of each for most temperate-breeding songbirds. Some raptors may go as long as 18 weeks from laying to fledging. Precocial species such as ducks and chickens often leave the nest the day they hatch, though they may return to it. There are lots of books out there that give a sense of the variation in bird breeding biologies.

      Not to pretend I'm the list moderator or anything, but this sort of question may be more appropriate for BIRDCHAT.

      Welcome to the flock.

      Ken Burton
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      From: idlafie
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      Sent: Sunday, May 01, 2005 2:36 PM
      Subject: [CALBIRDS] SoCal Northern Mockingbird question

      Greetings all...
      Just recently taken an interest in bird watching as I've been noticing
      several varieties of birds flying around my neighborhood & perching
      around my home.
      Just recently though, I've been noticing a particular variety of birds
      in my neighborhood in Montebello. I'm pretty sure they are Northern
      Mockingbirds as I've notice white stripes on the wings when extended
      and V type tail feathers.
      But what has really peaked my interest in the birds is the fact that a
      pair of the birds have set up a nest in a small tree right next to my
      home by my back patio door!! What's really made it more worthwhile is
      the fact that the nesting pair has hatched a brood of two chicks. So
      now I get to watch the pair fly in & out as they feed their two chicks
      I did some quick research on the Net about the Northern Mockingbird
      and have discovered that there is a rather short incubation period
      once the eggs have been laid by the female and that the chicks usually
      leave the nest about two weeks after they are hatched. What I'm
      curious about though is, I thought it took longer than just two weeks
      for the chicks to mature & leave the nest? Is it because of the size &
      breed of the bird or do most bird chicks mature that quickly?? Tells
      you how uneducated I am when it comes to our feathered friends. I
      guess I'm gonna have to do some more research...
      If anyone can advise, I'ld greatly appreciate it.
      ....newly hatched birdwatcher

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