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Re: [obol] Lower Klamath and Tule Lake - "yellow-billed" Swan

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  • scre@aol.com
    I don t see the discussion yet on the webpage, but here it is. This extent of the yellow is less than that on the bird that was up there this year, and the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 14, 2005
      I don't see the discussion yet on the webpage, but here it is. This extent
      of the yellow is less than that on the bird that was up there this year, and
      the shape of the yellow is different. So it could be a different bird (or the
      same bird wih the yellow changed) I have recieved one comment so far on this
      years bird from Europe that it was outside the range of Whooper (though maybe
      not Bewick's?) and that it was likely a hybrid. This is where my thoughts have
      been, but I still welcome expirenced comments. If this years bird is a hybrid
      then I would think that last years bird is also outside the range of Whooper
      Swan. http://www.fauna.is/picture2e.asp?ID=443 that website shows a bird
      with a similar amount of yellow (but still more yellow than the bird out there
      this year showed) and it is also the only reference to this liitle amount of
      yellow on the bill that I have seen, is this actually within the variation of
      Whoopers and is it seen regularly? All photos on the web I can find of Whooper
      Swans were of the first two birds. I have uploaded video captrues from Nov
      onto CALBIRDS and I still would like to see more expirenced comments on either

      David Vander Pluym
      Santa Cruz, Ca

      In a message dated 3/14/2005 11:51:48 AM Pacific Standard Time,
      birdboy@... writes:
      For anyone who is interested in a little light reading, I have copied the
      Klamath Whooper Swan ID discussion that appeared on OBOL last March and pasted
      it onto a single webpage (underneath the images) at:


      This might help with swan ID discussions about the bird at Lower Klamath this
      year, whether it is the same individual or not. Feel free to forward to
      CALBIRDS or ID-frontiers if applicable.

      Good birding --

      Noah Strycker

      Quoting SCRE@...:

      > The photos do not match the bird thats out there this year. The bird out
      > there actually has more yellow on the bill and a different shape to
      > it. Granted
      > at least within Tundra Swans the amount of yellow can vary from year to year
      > so it could be the same bird. Looking at the photos and the sketch the bird
      > last year seems well outside the range of Whooper Swan which would show a
      > more yellow than that bird. Were outside experts consulted? In looking at
      > photos of Whoopers on the web I could find non which showed the black
      > above the
      > yellow on the forehead and no yellow point extending along the lower
      > edge of the
      > bill. The head shape and cheek contour looks a little off as well for
      > Whooper. I'm not sure Bewick's Swan can actually be ruled out on
      > that bird. The
      > shape of the yellow actually looks better for it than for Whooper.
      > Again I think
      > swan sp is the appropriate title for that bird. If you want I can forward
      > this to CALBIRDS and ID-frontiers for more discussion.
      > David Vander Pluym
      > Santa Cruz, Ca

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