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News from California Bird Records Committee

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  • Kimball Garrett
    California Birders: The California Bird Records Committee held its annual meeting in Camarillo 28-29 January 2005. Below I summarize some of the results of
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      California Birders:

      The California Bird Records Committee held its annual meeting in
      Camarillo 28-29 January 2005. Below I summarize some of the results of
      that meeting:

      The 3-year terms of Mike San Miguel, Mike Rogers, and Luke Cole (CBRC
      Chair) have expired. They are replaced on the Committee by Kimball
      Garrett, Joseph Morlan, and Dan Singer. Matt Heindel was elected to
      replace Luke Cole as CBRC Chair, and Dan Singer was elected as
      Vice-Chair. The remaining current CBRC members are: Jon Dunn, Marshall
      Iliff, Peter Pyle, Todd McGrath, Kristie Nelson, and John Sterling. Guy
      McCaskie continues as CBRC Secretary.

      Records for two species which were potential additions to the California
      list were brought to the meeting for further discussion, after tentative
      acceptance during circulation. Following discussions at the Committee
      meeting, the following species are now added to the California state
      bird list:

      Crested Caracara (Caracara cheriway): Several records from 2001 to 2004
      from the following counties have now been accepted: Los Angeles,
      Ventura, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Riverside and Inyo. There
      are additional records, previously non-accepted because of concerns
      about natural occurrence, which may receive further review, so it is
      premature at this point to summarize the accepted records of this
      species in California. Because of its elevation to the regular state
      list (placed before American Kestrel on this list), the Crested Caracara
      is removed from the Supplemental List.

      Oriental Turtle-Dove (Streptopelia orientalis): A record from Bolinas,
      Marin Co. 9-31 Dec 2002 has now been accepted, and this species is
      placed on the state list before Eurasian Collared-Dove.

      These two additions bring the California list to 628 species.

      One change was made to the Review List: Painted Bunting has been
      removed. As always, please continue to provide complete documentation
      for records of this species (and all rarities) to County Sub-Regional
      Editors for North American Birds.

      The Demoiselle Crane (Anthropoides virgo), not accepted to the main list
      because of concerns about natural occurrence, has been added to the
      Supplemental List. This list includes species for which there are
      documented records for the state in which the correct identification has
      been accepted, and for which the Committee believes (through a vote at
      an annual meeting) that there is a good chance of natural occurrence,
      even though no record gained enough support (eight votes) to be

      The CBRC thanks Linnea Hall and the other staff members and volunteers
      of the Western Foundation of Vertebrate Zoology for hosting CBRC
      meeting, for splendidly archiving the CBRC files, and for generally
      going out of their way to be helpful at every turn. We also thank
      Walter and Morgan Wehtje for graciously hosting the Friday evening
      portion of the meeting.

      Many other issues were discussed during the CBRC meeting. In
      particular, a discussion of issues raised by the increasing submission
      of digital photos took place; some guidance from the Committee on this
      issue will follow in another posting.

      Kimball Garrett

      California Bird Records Committee

      Kimball L. Garrett

      Ornithology Collections Manager

      Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County

      900 Exposition Blvd.

      Los Angeles CA 90007

      (213) 763-3368

      (213) 746-2999 FAX


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