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Deep Water Pelagic Trip out of Long Beach CLARIFICATION

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  • Bernardo Alps
    Hi, All. My apologies for not being very clear in my first post. There are still a good number of spaces available on the ACS Condor Express trip on Friday,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 9, 2004
      Hi, All.

      My apologies for not being very clear in my first post. There are still a
      good number of spaces available on the ACS "Condor Express" trip on Friday,
      November 12.

      The easiest way to register, is to fill out the conference registration
      form Fill out
      just your name, contact info and credit card info and fax to 310.548.6950.
      Disregard the notice that fax registration is closed. Or you can call the
      ACS office with your credit card info, but they are extremely busy this
      week and might take a while to call back. As a last resort, you can call me
      on my cell phone, 818.612.3215. I am able to answer the phone most of the
      time during the day.

      I am sorry for the confusion. Also, the date of the December "Condor
      Express" trip is Saturday, December 11. Thanks to Dave Compton for catching
      that one.

      Take care,


      The American Cetacean Society has an all-day pelagic trip to the Cortez
      and/or Tanner Banks aboard the "Condor Express" this Friday, November 12.
      The trip will leave from the Catalina Express terminal next to the "Queen
      Mary" in Long Beach at 8 a.m. and return approximately at 4 p.m. The cost
      is $85 per person. Todd McGrath will be one of the leaders.

      This trip is organized by "whale people," but whales hang out in the same
      areas as birds do out there, and Todd will make sure we don't miss anything
      with feathers. Past ACS trips have turned up two different Manx Shearwaters
      in L.A. County, including the first county record, a Black-footed Albatross
      in the San Pedro Channel and one in the Santa Barbara Channel, among others.

      Cortez and Tanner Banks are a very promising area off our coast that is
      severely under explored. It is getting late for Red-billed Tropicbird, but
      we might get lucky, and the window for Red-tailed Tropicbird is just
      opening. Leach's Storm-petrels should still be out there and November is a
      good month for Laysan Albatross. This has been a good year for Flesh-footed
      Shearwater and some might still be around. It is the best time for
      Stejneger's Petrel, Cook's Petrel is still possible, and the window for
      Mottled Petrel is just beginning to open. It is also a good time for many
      species of alcids, including Ancient Murrelet. many of the species
      mentioned here are mega rarities and not seen often, but we are visiting
      the right area to have a shot at them.

      The 75-foot "Condor Express" is a modern, comfortable and above all fast
      catamaran normally based out of Santa Barbara. It will be running this trip
      in conjunction with ACS's biannual conference held on the "Queen Mary" this

      To register, visit the ACS website at

      And don't forget, the "Condor Express" is running one more trip this season
      to the Arguello Canyon area of the continental shelf on December 9. Leaders
      are Todd McGrath, Brad Schramm, Dave Pereksta, Dave Compton and Don Des
      Jardin. http://www.condorcruises.com/adventure/pelagic_schedule.html

      Hope to see you on the boat.


      Bernardo Alps
      San Pedro, CA
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