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Fall Challenge.

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  • Alvaro Jaramillo
    Hey Birders Tired of hearing about the World Series of Birding, and the Texas Birding Classic, what about a great competitive fundraiser here in the West,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2004
      Hey Birders

      Tired of hearing about the World Series of Birding, and the Texas
      Birding Classic, what about a great competitive fundraiser here in the
      West, right here in California? Well there is the 8th Annual California
      Fall Challenge, brought to you by the San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory,
      and its coming up. The point is to have a good time, but you have even more
      fun if you can see more species in your county than the county where your
      birding pals are heading to. For those up to the birding challenge, this is
      the basic way it works. The Challenge is a bird-a-thon with a unique twist:
      birders compete by doing a Big Day in their favorite county. The Team
      finding the highest percentage of the county list wins the Mewaldt Cup and
      goes down in California birding history! The trick is that the counties
      that get the biggest lists (the coastal ones) are not necessarily going to
      win, as it is a proportion of the list that matters. Have a look at our web
      site for more details. The challenge is a great way to force you to go out
      and really beat the bushes and find some goodies, or to get out of your
      home county and explore some amazing California birding. I mean let's face
      it Texas and New Jersey have great birds, but the birding in California is
      just about the best there is - diversity, incredible pelagics, eastern
      vagrants, Asian vagrants, Mexican vagrants, highlands, lowlands, deserts,
      and rainforest, you name it and we have it. I envision a day when thousands
      of teams are going out, in friendly competition, and documenting this
      amazing avian diversity, while collecting valuable funds for conservation.
      Join in and have a go at it, and make it part of your annual birding
      tradition. Its a good time. But the Challenge is not only for big day
      aficionados, all are welcome to compete for fabulous prizes, like a trip
      for two aboard Discovery Voyages in Prince William Sound, Alaska which goes
      to the best fundraiser. There are lots of prizes, and lots of counties - so
      have at it.
      The Challenge is a fun and easy way to celebrate California's
      fabulous fall migration while supporting the San Francisco Bay
      Observatory's science and education programs to conserve birds. Right now a
      large scale habitat conversion project is starting in San Francisco Bay.
      Changing salt ponds to saltmarsh is complex and there will be winners and
      losers in this game, we are working on various projects currently that are
      attempting to minimize the losers (bird species) in this restoration
      effort. We are the only non-profit working for the birds based in San
      Francisco Bay and need your support at this crucial point in the history of
      The Bay. Go birding, have fun, and help out! Its a win-win.

      For more information and to register, visit http://www.sfbbo.org/cfc04.htm

      Or call 408-946-6548

      Good Fall Birding! Or is it spring? The weather was so hot the last few
      days that I had a noticeable northbound movement of Barn Swallows along the
      immediate coast in Half Moon Bay. I think it was weather related, but I
      still can't quite explain what they were doing. Barn Swallows seem to be up
      to some crazy stuff the last few years.

      BTW- I will be burning up San Mateo county in early October. Sticking to
      the home patch rather than heading inland, but next year...who knows. If
      you can't do the challenge...well then I won't refuse a sponsorship.


      Alvaro Jaramillo
      San Francisco Bay Bird Observatory
      P.O. Box 247
      Alviso, CA 95002


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