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Fw: [CVBirds] Cosumnes birds

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  • John Sterling
    ... From: John and Glennah Trochet To: CVBirds Sent: Monday, August 02, 2004 8:30 PM Subject:
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      Subject: [CVBirds] Cosumnes birds

      > Dear Birders,
      > Eight people I called yesterday morning, 10-12 folks yesterday
      > afternoon, and another party of 10-12 people this morning helped me try
      > to refind the Swainson's warbler seen about dawn yesterday, efforts that
      > came to nothing. Nevertheless, I thank all for their participation. I
      > am sorry we had no success. Truly sorry!
      > Saturday I took Andy Engilis and Irene Torres on a partial repeat of
      > the Orr Ranch bird survey route I did the previous weekend. We were
      > hoping to find at least one of the northern parulas I saw on that
      > previous Saturday. That species is apparently a nemesis bird for Andy.
      > Despite not conquering the nemesis, we had a very fine morning. It was
      > the most migrant-filled morning I have spent in the woods so far this
      > "fall." We had 7-8 western wood-pewees, 20 +/- Pacific-slope/western
      > flycatchers, about 15 ash-throated flycatchers, 4 warbling vireos, 8
      > orange-crowned warblers, 1 yellow, about 5 black-throated grays, some
      > 15-18 Wilson's warblers, 6 western tanagers, and a few black-headed
      > grosbeaksand Bullock's orioles.
      > Additionally, Andy saw a willow flycatcher. He also found and we
      > all saw a second year male summer tanager. By plumage, this was the
      > third summer tanager found at the preserve this July. Previously there
      > had been one record in about ten years.
      > Owing to time constraints, we took a shortcut back to the vehicles
      > through grasslands at the ranch. There we repeatedly flushed two
      > sparrows that I think were grasshopper sparrows. They never afforded us
      > diagnostic looks, and I can't say that I am sure that these dark gray
      > birds with ratty tails making low twisting flights from one spot to
      > another as we pressed them for better views couldn't have been something
      > else. But I am sure they weren't Savannah sparrows and they were near
      > where Kurt Miethke and Jeanne Hammond of PRBO last reported a pair of
      > grasshopper sparrows earlier this summer.
      > Rare warbler chasing made a shambles of my plans for Sunday, but I
      > had had some good fortune even before the Swainson's warbler sighting.
      > In my headlights in the dirt road northeast of the Tall Forest I saw
      > two juvenile grasshopper sparrows. Early on Wendell's Levee and in the
      > Accidental Forest there were lots of birds in evidence, especially
      > western wood-pewees, Pacific-slope/western flycatchers, ash-throated
      > flycatchers, Wilson's warblers and Bullock's orioles. There were a few
      > warbling vireos, orange-crowned and yellow warblers, and western
      > tanagers, too. Later in the day, the birds were much less in evidence.
      > This morning was MUCH quieter compared to yesterday at the same hours.
      > Ryan Terrill and David van der Plyme (sorry if I have massacred the
      > spelling) reported hearing a summer tanager at the Accidental Forest
      > this morning.
      > Best,
      > John Trochet
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