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Re: [CALBIRDS] RFI - Central & Southern California

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  • Steve Sosensky
    ... Rob, ... Somewhat early for these birds, but check the local lists and SoCal Birdbox when you re in Ventura. These can sometimes be found along PCH at and
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 10, 2001
      At 06:12 PM 2001-10-10 +0100, Robert Grimmond wrote:
      >Our schedule will start at Monterey (whale watching trip), then we'll work
      >our way to Santa Maria/Orcutt, Lompoc, Santa Barbara, Ventura (trip to
      >Santa Cruz Island for Island Scrub Jay), Death Valley, Jawbone Canyon,
      >Maricopa, Carrizo Plain, San Luis Obispo, possibly Panoche Valley and,
      >finally, Merced and San Luis NWRs.
      >I've got the standard reference works, including John Kemper's and Brad
      >Schram's but I'd very much appreciate current information on locating any
      >of the following species (those marked with an asterisk would be lifers
      >for me):


      >White-winged Scoter
      >Black Scoter

      Somewhat early for these birds, but check the local lists and SoCal Birdbox
      when you're in Ventura. These can sometimes be found along PCH at and east
      of Mugu Rock, as well as in LA Co. at and east of Ballona Creek.

      >Bufflehead* - I still don't have this on my ABA list, despite 5 trips to
      >North America!

      Most large fresh water lakes, Saticoy Settling Ponds (see Schram's Ventura

      >Prairie Falcon*

      I saw one about a week ago at Silver Saddle resort at Galileo Hill. Best
      bet in SoCal is Antelope Valley along Ave. A and Gaskell Rd. between 100th
      W. and 200th W.

      >Pacific Golden Plover
      >Mountain Plover*

      While in Ventura, try the sod farms on Casper and Arnold roads and Hueneme
      Rd. at Casper. Mt. Plovers can also be found in the above area of Antelope
      Valley, and on the east side in the area of Ave. M, Ave. N, 50th E. and
      100th E.

      >Mew Gull
      >Thayer's Gull*

      better in the north this early.

      >Lewis's Woodpecker* - I've given up on Mines Road after two previous
      >failures! I believe Pozo Road is a possibility but I've also seen references
      >on mailing lists to Zaca Station Road and Farren Road in previous winters.
      >Are they worth trying - if so how do I find them?

      Saw one of these a week ago at Galileo Hill, too. In Ventura, try Canada
      Larga. If you come towards LA, also try Cheseboro Canyon off of US-101 in
      Agoura Hills.

      >Le Conte's Thrasher* - I know the standard response is that this species is
      >very difficult outside of the breeding season but we're going to have a
      >go! We'll try Jawbone Canyon, then Maricopa. Unfortunately I've not been
      >able to locate a recording of the bird's call (I have the song) but I've
      >seen it referred to as a rising, plover-like, 'tu-weep'. Can anyone offer
      >any good comparison species? Do the birds sing at all in November?

      I've pulled these in by playing the song in December at Maricopa.

      >California Gnatcatcher* - I've seen a report that this species extends as
      >far as the Simi Valley. Is this correct because we'll pass nearby on our way
      >to Ridgecrest and Death Valley?

      Forget this. If you want a good chance at seeing them, your choices are
      Forrestal Dr. on Palos Verdes Peninsula, or Upper Newport Bay (the only
      place I've had any luck).

      >'Bell's' Sage Sparrow

      Backbone Trail above Circle X Ranch in eastern Ventura Co. Take PCH to
      Yerba Buena Rd. (at Neptune's Net Restaurant). Go north. Continue past the
      Circle X HQ until you see a parking lot entrance on the left after a sharp
      left-hand hairpin turn. Park here and hike up the hill. If you get to the T
      in the trail, go right. Best in early morning.

      >I've not included birds such as Snow and Ross's* Geese since these should
      >hopefully be straightforward at Merced.

      If you miss Ross's Goose, there is one resident near the boat launch ramp
      on Balboa Lake in Van Nuys.

      Good birding,
      Steve <mailto:steve@...>, <mailto:mobile@...>

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