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Arcata Bird Box

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  • Robert Hewitt
    Godwit Days is primed with almost 200 already registered, check www.godwitdays.com to see what trips are left. Aleutian Goose Festival was tough on Friday with
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 2, 2004
      Godwit Days is primed with almost 200 already registered, check www.godwitdays.com to see what trips are left.

      Aleutian Goose Festival was tough on Friday with rain, but Sunday was glorious. A Common Grackle is always nice.

      The following are the birds we've been seeing lately .

      Yours Rob

      Here is a summary of what has been reported from 3/12-3/27 in our region,
      minus some more common species. My apologies for missing last weeks
      report, but academics (aka spring break) prohibited me from getting the
      report out. My apologies for any botched spellings of names as well.

      The Arcata Bird Box can be reached at 707-822-5666.

      Highlights of this report:

      On March 27 a BLACK-HEADED GROSBEAK was singing near Cooper Gulch in
      Eureka (Chet Ogan)

      On March 27 a WESTERN SCREECH-OWL was near Tom Leskiw's house on Cummins
      Road outside Eureka...if you are interested in hearing/seeing this bird
      call Tom at 442-5444.

      Kerry Ross and another observer (name incomprehensible) had a continuing
      male EURASIAN GREEN-WINGED TEAL on the mudflats off Klopp Lake at the
      Arcata Marsh (no date).
      On March 25 Greg Frankfurter had a YELLOW-SHAFTED FLICKER at Mad River
      County Park.
      On March 24 a THAYER'S GULL and 13 CASPIAN TERNS were just north of Mad
      River County Park (Jim Tietz).

      Marod Gabriel (sp?) and Gretta Wingert (sp?) reported a pair of PEREGRINE
      FALCONS from Trinidad Head and a MARBLED MURRELET in Trinidad Harbor
      200-300 meters off shore on 3/21. For more information, they can be
      reached at 826-1313.

      On 3/21 Scott Kerry reported 6 MARBLED MURRELETS off the north jetty, a
      CASPIAN TERN and 10-12 continuing WOOD DUCKS at the Arcata oxidation
      ponds, 1 RED KNOT at Klopp Lake at Arcata Marsh, and TREE SWALLOWS, BARN
      SWALLOWS and VIOLET-GREEN SWALLOWS at the marsh as well.

      Aida Parkinson reported a BALD EAGLE on 3/14 and 2 on 3/20 2 miles
      downstream of the north fork of the Trinity River and one on 3/15 on the
      Mad River upstream of the 299 bridge.

      On March 20 at the Arcata marsh there was a SHORT-BILLED DOWITCHER at
      YELLOWTHROAT at Allen Marsh, a CLIFF SWALLOW over the log pond, a BROWN
      CREEPER at Mt Trashmore, and a female COMMON YELLOWTHROAT at the log pond.

      On March 13 Jim Tietz, Chris Toner and Rebecca Greene had an OSPREY,
      RUFFED GROUSE, 2 AMERICAN DIPPERS (Chris Toner found a nest on 3/14), 2
      Fork Trinity Trail.

      On 3/19 Kerry Ross had a ALLEN'S HUMMINGBIRD at his house in
      Mckinleyville, as well as a SLATE-COLORED JUNCO.

      A BALD EAGLE was over Aldergrove Road on 3/19 (Laura Bringhurst)(sp?).

      Gary Bloomfield had a BULLOCK'S ORIOLE on 3/15 at 1757 Zehnder in Arcata.

      On March 18 Matt Wachs had a MARBLED MURRELET and 2 HARLEQUIN DUCKS at
      King Salmon and a HOODED MERGANSWER at the pond on the left approaching
      King Salmon. A GREEN HERON was on Hilfiker in Eureka on 3/15.

      Jim Tietz had 75 TUNDRA SWANS on 3/17 fly over his residence (in Arcata?).

      On March 12 Paul Springer reported 2 RUDDY TURNSTONES at Fields Landing.

      and taken from a message off the NWCALBIRD list...

      >3/13/04 Matt Wachs and [Kerry Ross] saw a RUFF at Crab Park (mouth of
      Eel River),
      >west of Loleta this morning. It was a basic plumage male. The bird was in
      the fresh water pools in the western most field on the south side of the
      road. It was seen in the company of Gr. Yellowlegs and L-B Dowitchers.
      > We also had a NORTHERN SHRIKE near the end of Port Canyon Road, a PYGMY
      >OWL, WHITE-THROATED SPARROW (tan supercilium), partial albino FOX
      SPARROW, and a COMMON GOLDENEYE at the Cockrobin Island Bridge. Good luck
      and have fun.

      They also had a RED-NECKED GREBE off Crab Park and a Lesser Yellowlegs on
      the V Street Loop.

      Good birding...
      Steve Tucker
      LBJ Enterprises

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