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Swarovski Digital Camera Basis DCB; Zeiss Conquest series; Leica Ultravid

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  • SiriusGuy@aol.com
    For anyone who owns a Swarovski scope of the newer ATS series, here s a fascinating gadget called the Digital Camera Basis DCB :
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 6, 2004
      For anyone who owns a Swarovski scope of the newer ATS series, here's a
      fascinating gadget called the "Digital Camera Basis DCB":


      I have NOT seen one demonstrated, but it seems like a concept that might very
      much simplify digiscoping. I stole the URL from another board, where I think
      it was mentioned this will run about $175 or so, signficantly less than a
      similar device being introduced by Zeiss.

      Zeiss has started marketing their "Conquest" series of roof prism binoculars,
      including a 7.5° FOV 8x30 version that weighs under one pound.  Whether
      they would be as rugged as the new, relatively lighter Leica Ultravid series,
      recently demonstrated briefly to me by Steve Sosensky, would be a matter for
      personal comparison and judgment.

      All arrive, of course, in time for spring migration...

      Alan Birnbaum
      Fresno, CA

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