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Fwd: [SDBIRDS] Pt. Loma and beyond

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  • Douglas Aguillard
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2001
      >This morning at "John O'Brien's place" which is at the intersection of Via
      >Sonoma & Via Alcante off of Gilman Dr. in La Jolla, I had a immature
      >Chestnut-sided Warbler and what I believe is a Blue-headed Vireo in a small
      >flock of Bushtits, Orange-crowned & Audubon Warblers. They were near the
      >Tennis Courts in the Alders.
      >I then went to Fort Rosecrans with about 30 other birders, and saw the
      >following: * = rarity
      >Red-tailed Hawk
      >Cooper's Hawk
      >American Kestral
      >Peregrine Falcons (2)
      >*Magnolia Warblers (2)
      >*Pine Warbler
      >*Blackpoll Warbler
      >*Grace's Warbler
      >*Black & White Warbler
      >Nashville Warbler
      >Orange-crowned Warblers
      >Townsend's Warblers
      >Black-throated Gray Warblers
      >Audubon's Warbler
      >Wilson's Warbler
      >Warbling Vireos
      >Western Tanager
      >Anna's Hummingbirds
      >Vaux's Swifts
      >White-throated Swift
      >Barn Swallows
      >Black Phoebes
      >Say's Phoebes
      >*Tropical Kingbird
      >Western Flycatcher
      >Western Scrub Jay
      >Common Raven
      >House Wren
      >Northern Mockingbird
      >Thrush (sp)
      >Doug Aguillard
      >San Diego, CA
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