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the end of another CBC season

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  • Nature Ali
    The end has come... CBC season is over!!!! I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. The tow truck driver s really enjoyed my participation this year and
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 8 7:03 PM
      The end has come... CBC season is over!!!!

      I hope all of you enjoyed it as much as I did. The tow truck driver's really
      enjoyed my participation this year and are relieved that I am no longer
      counting birds, flat tires, embankments, or patches of black ice.

      I have completed the photo diaries of all 8 of the counts I participated in
      this year. They are found in sequential order via the NatureAli.org home

      Bakersfield CBC <http://natureali.org/BAKcbc.htm>

      Red Rock CBC <http://natureali.org/RRcbc.htm>

      Buena Vista CBC <http://natureali.org/BVcbc.htm>

      Springville CBC <http://natureali.org/springvillecbc.htm>

      Tehachapi CBC <http://natureali.org/TEHcbc.htm>

      Bear Valley Springs CBC <http://natureali.org/BVScbc.htm>

      South Fork Valley CBC <http://natureali.org/SFVcbc.htm>

      Kern River Valley CBC <http://natureali.org/KRVcbc.htm>

      Not all of the photos are one's to write home about, but some have
      particular memories for me. The Canyon Wrens were such a joy to watch and
      one even serenaded me from 10' away. The Phainopepla on the Kern River
      Valley count had just given up a ferocious fight for a rock on the river
      with a Black Phoebe. Nearby a California Thrasher had comfortably found an
      acoustic chamber deep within the bell housing of the Isabella Dam turbine.
      The echo of its song was amazing.

      At Shirley Meadows near Greenhorn summit we found few birds but we did find
      warm air, blue skies, and the most wonderful 3' of powered snow! Searched
      and searched the mountain for Stellar's Jays finding few but found two
      happily out of the snow in Kernville.

      This will truly be one of the most memorable count season's ever for me and
      I hope you will all give yourselves a round of applause for the great
      service that your getting up at the crack of dawn in freezing weather does
      for our feathered friends. The data we collect and the dollars we donate to
      do this truly do help the public understand how many other creatures inhabit
      this planet, and how important it is to protect them.

      Thank you!


      P.S. For all who miss counting birds for the CBC, remember the Great
      Backyard Birdcount is just over one month away.
      P.P.S. for all my fellow compilers, until Audubon figures out how to fix
      what is broken, I offer the NatureAli CBC page as a way to share your
      summary results. Please send me your preliminary or final data. Anecdotes
      welcome, but not necessary. http://natureali.org/cbcs.htm

      Alison Sheehey
      P.O. Box 153
      Weldon, CA

      Nature Alley - http://natureali.org <http://natureali.org/>
      Educating the world about Central California's unique biodiversity.

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