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Re: [CALBIRDS] Birdfinding in Humboldt

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  • John Sterling
    I d like to add some additional comments. NWCalbirds is a listserve for the Humboldt region. I suggest that outside visitors send an email to that listserve
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      I'd like to add some additional comments. NWCalbirds is a listserve for the
      Humboldt region. I suggest that outside visitors send an email to that
      listserve announcing when they plan to visit and what they hope to see.
      When I lived in Humboldt from 1979-1991, we rarely had visiting birders so
      we did not often keep tabs on rare birds once all of the locals had seen
      them. By letting the locals know that you are interested, they may keep
      better track of these birds. Also...most of the older, more experienced
      birders in Humboldt County are very busy with work (most of them are working
      biologists), so they don't always have the time that they used to have for
      keeping track of these rare birds. So...please be considerate when placing
      "expectations" on their time. However, they are very generous and many of
      the newer birders are especially active in getting their county lists up to
      snuff, so it is likely that someone could help out visitors. (dare I say
      that providing some sort of compensation for their limited time may do
      wonders for their morale as many of them, especially the students are on
      limited budgets)

      I second Fix's remark that there is an abundance of habitat......not
      surprisingly, much of the good habitat is not checked regularly outside of
      the immediate Humboldt Bay area .....so don't be shy about checking other
      coastal areas as they are likely to hold outstanding rareties that have not
      yet been discovered. Many of the known hot spots are little more than
      unmarked areas that locals know about from a collective knowledge of
      historical sightings....so these locations are not easily described in
      writing since many of us just "know" the location--I couldn't describe
      exactly where many of these locations are after birding them for 25 years.
      Fix did a good job of explaining this issue. Perhaps GPS units will solve
      these problems in the future once this technology takes hold in the birding

      Also...it is important for outside visitors to let the locals know of their
      own sightings as well. When I was living up there, we sometimes had
      outsiders report birds days or weeks after the sightings. The locals do not
      like that at all!

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      > Hi all,
      > Thanks to David for his post on Humboldt birding challenges. I might add
      > that for those of you with high speed internet connections and are yahoo
      > group members (most of you are, or you wouldn't be reading this), you can
      > subscribe in (almost) real time to the Arcata Bird Box.
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