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Los Angeles County (7-5-2001)

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  • Mike Feighner
    Los Angeles County Birders, CALBIRDERS, County Listers: Sorry for this belated report and for cross-posting, but there are those who subscribe only to one of
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      Los Angeles County Birders, CALBIRDERS, County Listers:

      Sorry for this belated report and for cross-posting, but there are those
      who subscribe only to one of the three lists and not the other two.
      CALBIRD now has already 215 members, far below the 420 I counted once at
      its peak.

      Hansen Dam 7-5-2001, see

      Here the singing Blue Grosbeaks and Yellow-breasted Chats were an easy
      find. I saw two Bell's Vireos but counted a total of 6 by sound in the
      north-west corner of the pond. There were a number of Great-tailed
      Grackles, and to think that just a couple years ago I tried hard to find
      a Great-tailed Grackle in Los Angeles County! There was also one
      Western Kingbird, one male Black-chinned Hummingbird, and a few Western
      Bluebirds here. The only Brown-headed Cowbirds I found here were the
      ones in the traps.

      San Gabriel Mountains, State Route 2:

      I began the trip by purchasing my $5 pass at the Shell Station just
      south I-210 at the south-west state of State Route 2. If I hadn't had a
      copy of ABA's Birding Guide to Southern California, I would not have
      known the need to purchase a pass or where to purchase one. Along
      Highway 2 you will see many signs reminding you that you need to
      purchase a pass, but strangely no sign tells to where to purchase a
      pass. An on-site self service pay station would be the preferred way.
      For details see

      First stop was at Switzer Picnic Area (MP 34.19....ABA Guide says MP
      34.2). Here I found Nuttall's Woodpecker, Western Wood-pewee,
      Pacific-slope Flycatcher, Steller's Jay, Mountain Chickadee, one singing
      Canyon Wren, Hutton's and Warbling Vireos, Yellow Warbler, Western
      Tanager, Black-headed Grosbeak, and Purple Finch.

      Colby Canyon Trail, MP 34.5:

      Here the Blue-gray Gnatcatcher that Jim Lomax had reported earlier only
      to County Listers were an immediate and easy find. Also present were
      Olived-sided Flycatcher, Ash-throated Flycatcher, Steller's Jay. It
      started raining here. The rain followed me all the way to the summit of
      Mount Wilson, and did not cease until I reached the Dawson Saddle at MP
      69.5 (ABA Guide says MP 69.1).

      Dawson Saddle MP 69.5, elevation 7, 901 feet:

      There is a metal shed along the north side of the road. Here a mixed
      flock of Cassin's and Purple Finches foraged on the ground and there
      were flying Violet-green Swallows overhead. About 200 feet behind this
      shed I found a single female Williamson's Woodpecker. Along the south
      side of the road I found two Hairy Woodpeckers and two White-headed
      Woodpeckers. Along the trail heading up the hill to the south a few
      hundred feet to the east of the shed, I found Olive-sided Flycatcher,
      Clark's Nutcracker, Mountain Chickadee, Pygmy Nuthatch, Western
      Bluebird, Western Tanager, Green-tailed Towhee, and Chipping Sparrow.

      Lancaster 15th Street West and H Avenue:

      I learned of this location through Jim Lomax's post to County Listers.
      None of the previously reported Western Sandpipers, American Avocets, or
      Common Snipe Jim had reported were present. What I did find however
      were about 6 Black-necked Stilts, a flock of Red-winged Blackbirds
      containing a single male Tricolored Blackbird, a single
      female/immature-type Yellow-headed Blackbird, an eclipse-plumaged pair
      of Cinnamon Teal, a male Black-chinned Hummingbird, and two Horned

      Lancaster north-east of State Route 14 and H Avenue:

      There are two large ponds here (even shown in the Southern DeLorme Guide
      page 79, C5).

      Here there were a single Western Grebe, a single Great Egret, additional
      Black-necked Stilts, another male Black-chinned Hummingbird, two Least
      Sandpipers, and one Western Kingbird. I would imagine shorebird
      activity is on the increase by now.
      Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County
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