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San Diego, CA Rare Bird Alert 3 Oct 03

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  • Michael Evans
    - RBA [RARE BIRD ALERT] * California * San Diego * October 3, 2003 * CASD10.25.03 - Birds mentioned: ____________________ Harlequin Duck American
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 3, 2003

      * California
      * San Diego
      * October 3, 2003
      * CASD10.25.03

      - Birds mentioned:

      Harlequin Duck
      American Golden-Plover
      *Eurasian Collared-Dove
      Gila Woodpecker
      **YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER�1st San Diego Co Record
      Least Flycatcher
      Vermilion Flycatcher
      *Black-throated Magpie-Jay
      Red-throated Pipit
      Clay-colored Sparrow
      Tennessee Warbler
      Chestnut-sided Warbler
      Magnolia Warbler
      Blackburnian Warbler
      Grace's Warbler
      Black-and-white Warbler
      American Redstart
      Prothonotary Warbler
      Summer Tanager
      Baltimore Oriole


      - Transcript

      hotline: San Diego County, California
      date: October 3, 2003
      number: (619) 688-2473 [619-NUT-BIRD]
      compiler: Michael Evans, mailto:muevans@...

      For directions to many of the locations listed here,
      See Thomas Brothers Map Book for San Diego County, or:
      See also: http://fog.ccsf.cc.ca.us/%7Ejmorlan/sd.htm

      HARLEQUIN DUCK, 1 (M) 9/27/03, 9/30/03, 10/1/03, Mission Bay, Rose
      Creek Inlet: Bauman, Dan & Billings, M.
      AMERICAN GOLDEN-PLOVER, 1 (Juv), 9/30/03-10/3/03, Tijuana R Vly, sod
      farm, off Dairy Mart Rd: McCaskie, G., Adams, D., Sadowski, Matt,
      Worley, J.

      *EURASIAN COLLARED-DOVE, 1, 9/28/03, Mission Hills residential area,
      Dobson, Debra

      GILA WOODPECKER, 1, 9/26/03, 9/28/03, 9/30/03, 10/2/03, 10/3/03,
      Borrego Valley, intersection of Tilting T and West Star roads:
      Sadowski, Matt, Rogers, G., Jorgenson, P., Adams, D., Hazard, Gjon

      YELLOW-BELLIED FLYCATCHER, 1, 9/28/03-10/1/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, SE
      corner: McCaskie, G., Worley, J., Evans, M., Billings, M.

      LEAST FLYCATCHER, 1, 9/27/03, 10/3/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, extreme NE
      corner & loop drive: Heindel, M. T. & Sadowski, Matt

      VERMILION FLYCATCHER, 1, 9/27/03, Cottonwood Golf Course/Monte Vista
      18, 10th green: MacNamera, Joe

      *BLACK-THROATED MAGPIE-JAY, 2, 9/28/03, Otay Mesa commercial area,
      Paseo de las Americas @ Siempre Viva Rd, next to Panasonic bldg:
      Sharpe, C.

      RED-THROATED PIPIT, 1, 9/27/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, Sec X, just beyond the
      dip: Smith, Sue & and 1, 9/27/03, 9/30/03, 10/1/03 (2) Tijuana R Vly,
      sod farm, S-end, various, off Dairy Mart Rd: King, Dan, McCaskie, G., &
      Sadowski, Matt

      CLAY-COLORED SPARROW, 1, 9/28/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, SE corner:
      Billings, M.

      TENNESSEE WARBLER, 1, 9/27/03, 9/29/03, 10/3/03, Ft Rosecrans NC,
      W-side, N-dip area (&E-side): Lubin, M., Worley, J.

      CHESTNUT-SIDED WARBLER, 1, 9/27/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, W-side, Sec X,
      near dip: Sadowski, Matt

      MAGNOLIA WARBLER, 1 (F/Imm), 9/26/03, 9/27/03, 9/30/03, Ft Rosecrans
      NC, NW-corner (& various): Billings, M., Heindel, M. T., Norton, Dick

      BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER, 1 (M/Ad/Fall), 9/27/03, 9/29/03, 9/30/03, Ft
      Rosecrans NC, W-side, N-entrance, in pines (Sec T): Smith, Sue,
      Worley, J.

      GRACE�S WARBLER, 1 (F), 9/26/03-9/30/03 & 10/2/03, 10/3/03 Ft Rosecrans
      NC, W-side, Sec X, near dip, various [feeding high in pines, often
      mixed species flocks]: Worley, J., Smith, Sue, Billings, M.

      BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLER, 1, 9/26/03, 9/29/03, 10/2/03, Ft Rosecrans
      NC, E-side, near wall & W-side, Sec X, near dip, Sharman, Paul, Worley,
      J. , Kerr, Jim and 1 (M/1st fall), 9/27/03, Point Loma residential
      area, in pines, W-end, Pio Pico, near 3740 Pio Pico: Smith, Sue

      AMERICAN REDSTART, 1 (F), 9/26/03-9/28/03, 9/30/03, Ft Rosecrans NC,
      near Bennington Monument (various), Sharman, Paul, Smith, Sue ,
      Billings, M., Ahl (?), Dave; also 1 (F), 9/28/03, Quail Gardens Park,
      near parking lot [Encinitas] , Zimmer, Jim; also 1 (F), 9/30/03, SW
      Fisheries Sci Cent, 8604 La Jolla Shores Dr, La Jolla: Smith, Sue

      PROTHONOTRY WARBLER, 1, 9/26/03, 9/29/03, Spring Valley residence, bird
      bath: Hastings, M.

      OVENBIRD, 1, 9/28/03-10/1/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, W-side, along fence,
      across from S-entrance (various locs.): Billings, M., Worley, J., Top,

      SUMMER TANAGER, 1(F), 9/27/03, Pt Loma Nazarene Univ, trail, near
      nursery school: Smith, Sue and 1 (F), 9/28/03-10/2/03, Ft Rosecrans
      NC, near Committal Cntr, (various locs.): Billings, M., Worley, J.

      BALTIMORE ORIOLE, 1(F/Ad), 9/26/03, Ft Rosecrans NC, N-fence: Worley,


      Send reports on California Bird Record Committee
      Review Species sightings to:
      Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275
      mailto: guymcc@...

      Send local rarity descriptions to:
      Elizabeth Copper, Subregional Field Notes Editor
      mailto: ebcopper@...

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