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LAAS 9/8 pealgic

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  • D. Heindel
    Hi Calbirders, I just wanted to share a couple brief highlights of the annual September LAAS Channel Island trip yesterday, 9/8. And plug an upcoming Condor
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 9, 2001
      Hi Calbirders,

      I just wanted to share a couple brief highlights of the annual
      September LAAS "Channel Island" trip yesterday, 9/8. And plug an
      upcoming Condor deepwater overnight Pterodroma hunt if you don't mind...

      I'll get a trip report together shortly, but it's a lot of scribbling to
      decipher, and numbers to add up! Yes I try to write down every bird, every
      trip, but it is nearly impossible, expecially when it is slam-banging
      birds! And of course no one sees everything either...

      September is amongst the best times to seabird socal, especially for a few
      particular species whose presence here peaks at that time. It was an
      astounding trip, with most of the Septmember specialties coming through and
      showing well for us.

      Highlights were probably over 100 Sabine's Gulls with 65 at once sitting in
      the water dipping like Mallards feeding on Krill at the surface nearly under our
      bow. A flock of 35 Sterna Terns over them - 25+ Arctics the rest Commons,
      and dipping Krill. About 10 South Polar Skuas were seen, most
      very close to the boat- golden hackles and all. Then there were the nearly
      10 Long-tailed Jaegers in all age classes, some sitting on the water in with the
      Sabine's/Arctic flocks. Earlier a single flock of 4-5 sitting, then flushed and
      circled the boat for some time. And the Buller's Shearwaters, probably
      about 3 dozen of them, often sitting too, and providing excellent views of
      this prettiest of Shears... Toss in a dozen+ Blue Whales lunge feeding
      amongst the Krill melee (the krill was jumping out of the
      water!) and dis-satisfied customers were rarer than CBRC accepted
      sight records of accidental pelagics :) ! Wish you were there!

      Of course superior spotting skills of co-leaders Mike San Miguel
      Jr., Kevin Larson, and

      participants like Dave Pereksta ovecame the handicap of my

      The next socal Pterodroma hunt which offers chances at most of what we saw
      above and more leaves Sta.Barbara Fri. nite 9/28 at 11p.m. returning 24
      hours later, and will go far offshore to the Arguello Canyon area. These
      are the premium socal pelagics. This is the best it gets for seabirding
      here. Another will depart 11/2. Contact me or www.condorcruises.com to sign up.
      They are $150, and you buy your meals from the full galley, and sleep your way

      A full trip report with tallied numbers, and such will be forthcoming

      thanking you for your indulgence.....

      happy feathers

      Mitch Heindel Torrance,CA



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