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Sibley duo edition California birds omissions - few and far between

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  • SiriusGuy@aol.com
    Steve Sosensky inquired as to which CBRC-recognized species might have been omitted from the new Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America, as
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      Steve Sosensky inquired as to which CBRC-recognized species might have been
      omitted from the new "Sibley Field Guide to Birds of Western North America,"
      as well as which of those might be in the Eastern volume. I did a quick
      survey, and found that approximately 28 species out of the 619 on the CBRC
      official list are not found in the Western volume, which otherwise covers 703
      species. I got the impression that essentially all of the 28 were:

      << * - California Bird Records Committee Review Species (170 species)>> i.e.,
      VERY uncommon <<In general, review species average four or fewer occurrences
      per year in California, and have been recorded fewer than 100 times.>>

      Examples included the Least Grebe and the Brown Shrike. I would imagine that
      there might be birders for whom the Sibley Western might not suffice, but
      surely for the 449 non-review species, and for the more than 80% of the
      "review species" that are included, a total of about 590, it should.

      What I did not do was to see how many of the 28 omitted species might have
      been in the Eastern volume. Presuming they are there, then for anyone
      birding mainly by car, keeping the second volume tucked away for the
      unexpected rarity might be prudent, along with other reference items, along
      the lines of, say, Don Roberson's excellent "Monterey Birds," for someone
      exploring that county (whose author has recorded, I understand, 450 species
      there alone.)

      (I have cc'd Mr. Sibley out of courtesy, respect, and his possible interest.
      He will, bythe way, be speaking in Fallon, Nevada, sometime next month.) And
      with that diversion, having seen my first Western Kingbird only yesterday,
      I'm off for some lighter reading, a book received in the same shipment as the
      Sibley: Kenn Kaufmann's "Kingbird Highway"!!

      Alan Birnbaum
      Fresno, CA

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