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Re: Yet another request for blackbird ID

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  • njfwalking
    ... Tricolored; ... flute. The ... well, ... sure. ... of them ... being ... colored leans ... Thanks, mary (and everyone else who resoponded to my query)!
    Message 1 of 3 , Apr 7, 2003
      --- In CALBIRDS@yahoogroups.com, MiriamEagl@a... wrote:
      > Hi, Nancy (and all)
      > The vocalization sure sounds like a Redwing to me, and not a
      > Redwing call notes are quite variable, and they DO have one in their
      > repertoire that fits your description of a sharp, high-pitched
      flute. The
      > warbling three-note call sounds like one of their song variations as
      > but without actually hearing it myself, I couldn't tell you for
      > Tricoloreds' call notes tend to be rather harsh and metallic, some
      of them
      > reminiscent of Brewer's Blackbirds, and their song sounds like a cat
      > strangled... Also the description of the shoulder being "rust
      colored" leans
      > more towards Redwing to me.
      > Hope this helps! Take care,
      > Mary Beth Stowe
      > MiriamEagl@a...
      > San Diego, CA

      Thanks, mary (and everyone else who resoponded to my query)!
      Though I didn't see the bird last weekend, I did consult my
      Sibley's Guide. And wow! Finally, a picture of a Bicolored
      redwing blackbird. It was the bird I saw, for sure. I'm so
      glad to have it identified!

      Also last weekend the Black-headed grosbeaks were back,
      and what beautiful birds they are! I don't remember seeing
      any last year at all. Maybe they come every other year,
      like Pine siskens.

      Nancy Feagans
      Cleveland National Forest, CA
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