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Common Greenshank 8/30 Supplement

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  • David E. Quady
    Hello, all: Supplementing David Fix s 1:05 pm message, the Common Greenshank was present at Jim Holmes location 2) when I arrived at 8 am, and was still
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 30, 2001
      Hello, all:

      Supplementing David Fix's 1:05 pm message, the Common Greenshank was
      present at Jim Holmes' "location 2)" when I arrived at 8 am, and was
      still present when I left shortly after 10 am. Toward the end of the
      period that I watched it from river level, others were watching it from
      the blufftop near the end of School Road.

      The bird foraged actively along the upstream half of an elongated mud
      bank in the river channel, in a region 100-200 yards upstream from where
      the trail from the blufftop emerges onto the river bank. The tide began
      to rise rapidly shortly after 9 am, but hadn't yet displaced the bird by
      the time I left.

      Here are the directions Jim posted yesterday:

      "2) It was first found by using these directions. Again take hwy 101
      from Arcata and exit at School Rd exit (just north of Mad River). Turn
      back over the freeway. Follow School nearly to its end and turn right
      (north) onto Ocean. Take Ocean until
      it intersects Hiller Road. Park at the intersection of Ocean and Hiller.

      Walk 100 feet north to the end of Ocean road (it is no longer paved). At

      the end of the road there are small piles of rocks. Walk past these
      and into the woods on an upraised (surfaced) trail. After about 50 feet
      this trail, turn left onto a similar upraised trail. This trail goes to
      edge of the bluff. Just before you get to the edge of the bluff and the
      of the trail, you want to take a side trail (dirt, not upraised) north
      (right). Follow this smaller trail to the edge of the bluff where a
      dirt trail takes off and descends from the bluff to the river bed. This
      trail is steep! It can be confusing but the trail down to the river is
      close to where you parked your car. Once on the river bank, go left
      or upriver) and the Greenshank was about 300 feet south (upriver) of
      the trail descends down onto the river bank. You will ultimately be
      in how far upriver you can go. That is why this method is limited."

      These directions worked just fine for me. But I know others were
      confused, so it might help to mention that a/the "side dirt trail" that
      will lead one down to the river bank can be reached by walking almost in
      a straight line to the end of Ocean Road, then onto the first upraised
      trail Jim mentions, then almost straight ahead onto a side dirt trail,
      rather than turning left onto the second upraised dirt trail that Jim

      Good luck to others seeking the bird.

      Dave Quady
      Berkeley, California
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