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Emperor and other MTY geese

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  • creagrus
    Calbirders: FYI, there is an adult EMPEROR GOOSE on Elkhorn Slough that was first discovered by the Elkhorn Slough Safari boat trip on 29 Dec. Captain Yohn
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 2, 2003

      FYI, there is an adult EMPEROR GOOSE on Elkhorn Slough that was first
      discovered by the Elkhorn Slough Safari boat trip on 29 Dec. Captain
      Yohn Gideon and crew have been successful in finding it every day since,
      including on the Moss Landing CBC yesterday, when they got photos. Today
      between 9-10 am the goose was seen again from Moonglow Dairy during an
      exceptionally high tide. It was roosting on a levee to the west of pond
      #1. This is the general vicinity that it has been hanging out although
      it does move around a bit and has been much harder (e.g., almost
      impossible) to find during low tides. This is because it stays on the
      edge of the mud and slough, often in spots that cannot be seen from
      public accessible land.

      Moonglow Dairy itself is accessible only on foot. Except for the wide
      road that goes straight in to the dairy, NONE of the side roads are
      passable. Do not attempt to drive on any of them. Rather, if you try
      from Moonglow, just drive all the way to the end on the main gravel
      road, jog slightly right at the "T" by the residences, and park at the
      overview to the slough by the piles of black tire-tread-like material.
      You then have two options. The longest is to the walk the road down to
      your right and all the way down to the levee and then walk the levee
      along the slough all the way back to pond #1. More direct is to walk
      west on the roads past the main residence, around the smaller residences
      on the road which then fronts Moonglow and gives a great view of the
      slough, and walk that road west all the way to the eucalyptus grove.
      From there you can walk down to the levee around pond #1 to the first 90
      degree corner; this the bird's favorite area at high tides. The levee is
      fine but all the roads at Moonglow are currently very muddy and require
      boots -- calf-high rubber boots are by far the best. Even at that the
      going is very slow and mucky, and you have to cross some challenging

      A much better plan to see the Emperor Goose is to go on the Elkhorn
      Slough Safari boat. Their web site is
      http://www.elkhornslough.com/ and their phone is 633-5555.

      Magellan Goose: this summer, Bill Hill and Rick Fournier discovered a
      female Magellan Goose (Chloephaga picta) at the Salinas R. mouth. This
      seems an obvious escape. The bird has since joined a flock of Canada
      Geese and has been seen in various spots around Moss Landing, including
      the Moro Cojo Slough on a semi-regular basis. This is a dark goose with
      strikingly white underwings (except for primaries) and it has a
      rusty-red head. In shape, it generally recalls Emperor Goose (e.g.,
      short bill, compact body). Many have been confused by this goose. It
      occurs in southern Argentina and Chile, and on the Falkland Islands (to
      me it appears to be the nominate race, from South America, not the
      Falklands), so you will need a field guide to southern South America or
      a world book on waterfowl to look it up.

      On a wild goose chase,
      Don Roberson
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