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Re: [CALBIRDS] FW: [pen-bird] Sedge Wren continues (San Mateo County)

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  • Guy McCaskie
    Mike, The California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) has endorsed six (6) records of Sedge Wrens in California, none being in San Mateo County. The CBRC is
    Message 1 of 4 , Dec 9, 2002

      The California Bird Records Committee (CBRC) has endorsed six (6) records of
      Sedge Wrens in California, none being in San Mateo County. The CBRC is
      currently working on the manuscript of a book, "Vagrant and Scarce Bird
      Species of California" that will list every record of all species on the
      CBRC's review list. Obviously the information in such a book depends on
      birders like you to submit documentation. As such, I encourage you to
      submit documentation for the Sedge Wren, and any other rarities you should

      Thank you,

      Guy McCaskie
      Secretary, California Bird Records Committee
      P.O. Box 275
      Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275

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      From: "Mike Feighner" <feinerVogel@...>
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      Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 7:33 PM
      Subject: [CALBIRDS] FW: [pen-bird] Sedge Wren continues (San Mateo County)

      > CALBIRDS:
      > In answer to my earlier question whether anyone saw the the ?Sedge Wren
      > today: the answer is yes as many of us saw the bird today including me.
      > Tomorrow it is supposed to rain. That will be good if it keeps the Sedge
      > Wren in its place and of course bad if it forces it out.
      > Checking John Sterling's site
      > http://www.cal.net/~ani/california_county_birding.htm , I see there is no
      > entry of Sedge Wren for San Mateo County. Is this a first county record?
      > Checking http://www.geocities.com/RainForest/Vines/8439/master.txt for
      > records I see only 4 accepted records of Sedge Wren for California and
      > one addition submitted record. I do remember one Ventura County record,
      > this list has not been update since December 30, 1997. Are there plans in
      > the works for a more recent update?
      > --
      > Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, Alameda County
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      > From: Al Eisner
      > Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2002 4:22 PM
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      > Subject: [pen-bird] Sedge Wren continues
      > This morning, a number of birders were present early at the Sedge Wren
      > location, but by the time I left at 9:00 the bird had not been heard.
      > was in contrast to its activity when Peter Metropulos had found it the
      > previous morning. But since I was still on the Coast at 2:15, and I had
      > heard the BirdBox message from Jim Holmes that the bird had first revealed
      > itself about 10:30, I gave it another try. Birders present as far back as
      > 1 PM (Mike Feighner) had still not heard any calls. But at about 2:45 the
      > Sedge Wren was heard, from the same area as yesterday afternoon (see below
      > for directions). And finally, around 3:30, everyone present had some
      > but nice views as it popped up several times in bare vegetation (calling
      > announce its presence each time). I wouldn't call the views "dynamite" -
      > the
      > longest was only about 6 seconds, but it was more in the open than when I
      > had seen the bird yesterday.
      > As yesterday, the location is along the trail which runs north between
      > cords from the northmost restroom at the Francis Beach unit of Half Moon
      > Bay State Beach. The bird was in the protected Snowy Plover nesting area
      > to the left of the trail; please do *not* enter that area. It was just
      > beyond the fourth "Do Not Disturb" sign (my count includes one downed
      > There is still a small red flag pinned to the cord there, too.
      > Al Eisner
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