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Fw: San Blas - Good News

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  • Hank Brodkin
    Here is more newsx - good - about San Blas for those who asked to be updated. ... Hank Brodkin Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ hbrodkin@earthlink.net SouthEast
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      Here is more newsx - good - about San Blas for those who asked to be

      Hank Brodkin
      Carr Canyon, Cochise County, AZ
      SouthEast Arizona Butterfly Association (SEABA)
      "Butterflies of Arizona - a Photographic Guide"
      by Bob Stewart, Priscilla Brodkin and Hank Brodkin

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      Subject: San Blas - Good News

      > Hank we just received this message from Mark Pretti and as a follow-up to
      my message to you last week I am forwarding the information on to you.
      > "As many of you know, hurricane Kenna hit west Mexico pretty hard, causing
      quite a bit of structural damage in San Blas, where we're headed next
      February. Until today, phones have been out and we've been unable to find
      out much.
      > Last week, I was able to contact folks in Copala on the Durango Highway
      and also folks in Tecuitata near the coffee plantation that we'll visit -
      the good news from them was that everything was fine, little or no damage,
      and all roads were open. So no worries with that half of the trip.
      > The big question was the condition of the Hotel Garza Canela in San Blas.
      It's a well built place so I was cautiously optimistic. At least some phone
      service is back (which exceeded my expectations for how long it might take
      and is a very good sign about recovery assistance in the area) and I am no
      longer receiving the "out of order" message for the hotel's number (though
      they didn't answer). In a fortunate misdial on my first call, I got through
      to the church and was able to talk to the pastor who said that the Garza
      Canela did quite well in the hurricane and was fine. He said it should be
      open soon, well before February. The family that runs the hotel is very
      hard working, extremely proud of their work and hotel, and appears to have
      the financial means to make any needed repairs.
      > With just over three months before the arrival of our first group, we
      should have no problems at all. Looks like all the bases are covered. I
      expect to get through to the Garza in the next week and will pass along any
      details. In the meantime, we can enjoy the relief that the Vasquez family
      is ok and that the nature-based tourist dollars we'll be bringing to San
      Blas in February will be more important than ever."
      > Doug Newton
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