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socal pelagics

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  • Mitch H
    Hi calbirdos and pelagiphiles,First, I m sorry for the cross posting.....There are three socal pelagics left this fall season (and year). Two are LAAS
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 6, 2002
      Hi calbirdos and pelagiphiles,

      First, I'm sorry for the cross posting.....

      There are three socal pelagics left this fall season
      (and year). Two are LAAS trips: Oct 12 out of Marina del Rey, which needs 3 more to break even,
      and Nov 9 out of Ventura, which is in danger of
      cancelling, needing a couple dozen more at least.
      The Ventura trip will go out near S.Miguel Is.,
      if it goes, and cover Ventura and S.Barb. Counties.
      Contact LAAS ASAP if you are interested in either
      at: 323-876-0202 Tues-Sat. The LAAS Oct. 26 "LA
      Co. waters" trip has been cancelled due to lack of interest.

      The final socal pelagic of the year will be the
      deepwater Condor Express trip from S.Barbara on 11/30. That trip will search for Parakeet Auklet, Mottled Petrel, Red-tailed Tropicbird (my only personal sighting is "Thanksgiving weekend" out there on a LAAS trip) and other rarities far asea.
      Leaders will be Jim Danzenbaker, Todd McGrath, Don
      DesJardin, Peter Cantle, myself, and others..
      Contact www.condorcruises.com or call Sealanding
      at 805-963-3564 to sign up. Laysan is a good bet
      on this trip.

      To see what you might see use the socal seabird
      abundance calendar at my website:

      This has been the best year probably ever for pelagic sps. diversity in socal, with an astounding
      list of rarities seen so far on scheduled trips.
      These trips offer continued chances for more goodies during a 'peak period'. To see just how
      amazing this socal seabird year has been see the
      socal seabirds '02 page at my site ( a couple links
      down from the top).

      Hope to see ya asea!

      Mitch - Torrance when not floating
      Mitch Heindel

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