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socal deepwater trips

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  • Mitch H
    Hi all,NEXT DATES: Sept 28 and Nov 30I would like to invite y all on the next deepwater trips to hunt for Pterodroma Petrels and other rarities on the
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 13, 2002
      Hi all,

      NEXT DATES: Sept 28 and Nov 30

      I would like to invite y'all on the next deepwater
      trips to hunt for Pterodroma Petrels and other rarities on the Condor Express from Santa Barbara. But alas, you must pay for your own ticket :):) The trips are about 15-16 hours, and depart at 5 a.m.. The cost is $175. In the last 16 months I have seen 3 species of Pterodroma (on 6 Condor trips) in the areas we visit from Arguello Cyn. and west off the shelf edge. Dark-rumped, Murphy's, and a Cookilaria ain't bad for socal seabirding on day-trips from a publicly available vessel. Of course the Red-tailed T-bird we saw 11/25/95 was in this area as well. Clearly this is not the habitat visited on typical pelagic trips. We record Leach's Storm-Petrels year-round, and 5 of the last 6 trips have seen Sperm Whale!

      If you are interested in going contact Sea Landing
      to sign up at 805-963-3564. Visit www.condorcruises.com
      to see the vessel, a state of the art high speed
      catamaran. It is the nicest vessel virtually any of
      us has birded on for day trips; stable, big, a dry seat for everyone, and you can order a martini if you please.

      Also my site has info about Arguello, the boat, and
      the trips: http://www.angelfire.com/ca5/pelagics

      Check out my socal seabirds '02 pelagic yearlist!
      The link is a couple down from the top on the main page. Dare I suggest, it may be the largest
      "pelagic" yearlist ever done in socal??? It has been a very good year asea in socal! Join me!

      see ya asea!
      Mitch - Torrance CA
      Mitch Heindel

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