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Re: [CALBIRDS] Suggestions on finding birds in California?

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    Hi Jay, You did not mention where your pelagic trips were departing from in CA. I assume some will be out of Bodega Bay. Well, here in Sonoma County the Pine
    Message 1 of 4 , Aug 9, 2001
      Hi Jay,
      You did not mention where your pelagic trips were departing from in CA. I assume some will be out of Bodega Bay. Well, here in Sonoma County the Pine Flat Road area is a very reliable spot for both Mountain Quail and California Thrasher. Mountain Quail can be heard and if you are very lucky seen at dawn at the summit of Pine Flat Road. Once, I had a MOQU cross the road within the first mile of the road which is unusual. The summit of the road has several large power transformers. I have seen CATH singing from the next to last transformer several times. Your best chances are in the early morning, but sometimes the thrashers are visible at late as noon. I have had Sage Sparrow at the summit once or twice.
      Directions: Take Hwy.101 north from Santa Rosa to Healdsburg and take Hwy. 128 east towards the Alexander Valley. Follow Hwy.128 east for about 10 miles. Pine Flat Rd. is in the Northern CA Delorme.

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      From: Jay Packer
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      I've never posted to Calbirds before, and have only read over the list the
      last couple of days, so I hope I'm not intruding.

      My name is Jay Packer (I'm from Texas if anyone wondered), and I'll be
      taking a trip out to California during the third and fourth weeks of August,
      just in time to return for school. I'm doing several Shearwater pelagics (I
      can't wait!), but I wanted to ask for some advice on finding the following
      species. I've been to California once before (loved it), but don't really
      know a whole lot about where everything is.

      My top two priorities:

      California Thrasher
      LeConte's Thrasher

      I've heard people say that the California Thrasher shouldn't be hard, but I
      didn't see it last time.

      Also, if someone has a place in Arizona for the LeConte's Thrasher, I'd like
      to know about that too, since I'll probably be coming through Arizona.

      I'd like to get out to Santa Cruz Island to see the Island Scrub-Jay. Could
      someone explain the best way to get out on the island? Is there a ferry, or
      is it more difficult than that?

      Other species that I was interested in were:

      Mountain Quail
      Black-backed Woodpecker
      California Gnatcatcher
      Sage Sparrow
      Ruffed Grouse
      Great Gray Owl (Yosemite ?)

      Also, are any of the following shorebirds migrating through, and where might
      be a good place to see them...

      Pacific Golden-Plover
      Black OyesterCatcher (permanent resident, right?)
      Wandering Tattler
      Black Turnstone (winter only?)
      Surfbird (winter only?)
      Rock SandPiper (winter only?)
      Red Phalarope

      That's about all I can think of right now. I'm very grateful for any
      suggestions that you might have.

      Thank you,


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