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  • toddamcgrath
    Pelagic News Hello, seabirders, This fall is shaping up to be a great season for some of the most sought after seabirds, XANTUS & CRAVERIS MURRELETS; LEAST
    Message 1 of 3 , Aug 2, 2002
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      Pelagic News

      Hello, seabirders,
      This fall is shaping up to be a great season for some of the most
      sought after seabirds, XANTUS' & CRAVERIS' MURRELETS; LEAST StORM-
      knows-what rarities. Signs of El Nino conditions are already showing
      up in the Monterey Bay area. With this in mind, we have made some
      major changes on some of our boat trips to enhance this golden
      opportunity for searching for these species and to provide you with
      better service.

      We have upgraded both of our previously sold out albacore trips on
      Sep 15 and Oct 5 from Monterey to a very large and comfortable
      vessel, the "New Holiday". We now have openings on BOTH of these
      trips. Both trips depart at 5:30 am and return at 5:30 pm from
      Fishermans Wharf in Monterey. Leaders on Sep 15th include: Scott
      Terrill, Linda Terrill, Mike Danzenbaker, & Debra Shearwater (others
      may be added). Leaders on Oct 5 include: Jim Danzenbaker,Steve
      Howell, Alan Hopkins, & Debra Shearwater. During prior El Nino years,
      Mike Danzenbaker found RED-TAILED TROPICBIRD twice on the Sep trip.
      On the October 6, 2001 albacore trip, Jim Danzenbaker found a
      STREAKED SHEARWATER.The fee for this trip is $150.

      We have also upgraded our trips from Bodega Bay to the Cordell Bank
      on Aug 19 and Sep 13 & 29, and Oct 14 to a very comfortable 65'
      vessel, the "New Aggressor". Our skipper on these trips will be
      Vince Orsini, every seabirders favorite! This vessel has a full
      galley that serves hot food. All trips depart at 6:30 am and return
      at 6:30 pm. Cordell Bank is teaming with wildlife even as I post
      this‹many blue whales and lots of seabird activity, and in recent
      weeks Craveris' Murrelets were found. We have a 100% track
      record for finding blue whales in Aug and Sep at Cordell Bank. This
      is an incredible time of year in an incredible area for seabirds.
      Some of the rare seabirds that have been found on Shearwater
      Journeys' trips in this time period include: SHY ALBATROSS (3
      PETREL, & LONG-BILLED MURRELET. Leaders on the Aug 19 trip include:
      Jim Danzenbaker, Mike San Miguel, Brian Sullivan, Debra Shearwater
      (Jon Dunn may join us). Leaders on the Sep 13 trip include:
      Alan Hopkins, Mike Danzenbaker, Jennifer Green, Lisa Hug (albatross
      woman),& Debra Shearwater (Steve Howell may join us). Leaders on the
      Sep 29 trip include: Steve Howell, Mike Danzenbaker, Lisa Hug, Linda
      Terrill, Scott Terrill & Debra Shearwater. Leaders on the Oct 14
      trip include: Alan Hopkins, Lisa Hug, Alvaro Jaramillo, Luke Cole &
      Debra Shearwater (Steve Howell may join us). The fee for this trip
      is $130.

      If you are just dying to get out there and see the action, our very
      next trips with spaces available are: Aug 9 (Todd McGrath, Alvaro
      Jaramillo, Jennifer Green, & Debra Shearwater, leaders); Aug 24 (Jim
      Danzenbaker, Clay Kempf, Ted Chankik, John Sorensen, Debra
      Shearwater, leaders); Sep 1 (Denise
      Wight, Clay Kempf, Jennifer Green, Debra Shearwater, leaders); Sep 8
      (Mike Danzenbaker, Scott & Linda Terrill, Luke Cole, Clay Kempf,
      Debra Shearwater,leaders) all from Monterey; Aug 11 (Alan Hopkins,
      Jim Danzenbaker, Debra Shearwater, leaders) from Sausalito to the
      Farallon Islands. looking for those difficult little storm-petrels?
      I would recommend the Santa Cruz trips on Sep 28 and Oct 13.

      If you are a birder coming from out of state, it is always best to
      do as many trips as possible while here. Our recommended combination-
      weekends with spaces open are: Sep 27, 28, 29 and Oct 4, 5, 6; or
      Oct 12, 13, 14.

      We regret that we have a waiting list only for the following sold-
      out trips: Aug 10 Bodega Bay, Aug 17 Fort Bragg, and Sep 14 Santa

      Debra Shearwater and Peter Pyle will be co-teaching the first-ever
      Institute for Field Ornithology workshop (IFO)," West Coast
      Seabirds", from Aug 3 thru Aug 8. This workshop is sponsored by the
      American Birding Association. She will be unavailable by phone
      during that time, but will check her messages.

      Register for any trip by sending a check or money order. You may
      show up at the dock in Monterey on Aug 9th at 7 am for that trip‹do
      not send a check in the mail for that particular trip. Although we
      have secured the larger vessels, we still anticipate that these
      trips will sell out. For more information about our exciting fall
      schedule, see our web site at www.shearwaterjourneys.com, or call
      Debi at 831-637-8527.

      Good seabirding & welcome to fall!
      Todd McGrath
      For Shearwater Journeys
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