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Fwd: Southern California BirdBox, July 9, 2001

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  • Doug Aguillard
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 9, 2001
      >- RBA
      >* California
      >* Southern California BirdBox
      >* July 9, 2001
      >* CASO017.09
      >- Birds mentioned
      >Reddish Egret [Riverside]
      >Red-eyed Vireo [Los Angeles]
      >Northern Parula [Los Angeles]
      >Least Tern [Riverside]
      >- Transcript
      >An immature was at the Whitewater River mouth at the north end of the Salton
      >Sea on 7/7 (CTL).
      >This is a CBRC Review Species. Please send supporting information to Guy
      >McCaskie (below).
      >One was heard singing on 7/4 by KG along the Arroyo Seco above Pasadena,
      >just beyond the intersection of the main trail and Brown Mtn. Rd. If looking
      >for this bird, park at the north end of Windsor, reached by exiting the 210
      >Fwy. at "Arroyo Blvd." and heading north. Arroyo becomes Windsor, and the
      >lot is on the left. Walk up the trail (through the right-hand open gate) for
      >about 1/2 mile.
      >A singing male continued on 7/4 along the Arroyo Seco above Pasadena, just
      >beyond the intersection of the main trail and Brown Mtn. Rd. (KG).
      >One was at the mouth of the Whitewater River on 7/7 (CTL).
      >hotline: Southern CA BirdBox
      >date: July 9, 2001
      >number: (818) 952-5502
      >to report: (818) 952-5502
      >coverage: Southern CA, also Northern CA as merits
      >compiled: July 9, 2001
      >transcriber: Daniel S. Cooper, Audubon-California
      >e-mail: dcooper1@...
      >Observers: Kimball Garrett, Cin-Ty Lee
      >California Bird Record Committee documentation should be sent to:
      > Guy McCaskie, Secretary
      > California Bird Records Committee
      > P. O. Box 275
      > Imperial Beach, CA 91933-0275
      >- End transcript
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